christmas cactus poisonous

Are christmas cactus poisonous to cats or the other pets you have? That becomes a huge question mark for many of us before including that plant into the decoration.

For some people, cats and pets are like the babies. You want to take care of them carefully and make them away from any harmful materials. Meanwhile, the Christmas cactus is also really cute.

It becomes the common gift during that special occasion. They are able to bloom beautifully with the amazing flowers around. So, make sure to know more about the succulent toxicity first.

Is it Poisonous in General?

are christmas cactus poisonous to cats

During the special moment such as X-mas, there are several items which must be there. Those are like the red flowers, socks as the decorations, and the plants for sure.

If you see it around, there is a peyote which is not the original one. It is more like an epiphyte. This plant requires the bright light, moderate water needs, and the well-drained soils.

To get the right blooming time, you should watering them from October. So, are christmas cactus poisonous to cats? In general, this plant is not harmful and not dangerous.

It is especially if you compare it to the other ones. The good thing is that, this thing is also not that spiky. That is why; they will not hurt the curious pets and your kids.

Are Christmas Cactus Poisonous to Cats?

is christmas cactus poisonous to cats

There is an interesting fact about Christmas cactus that you must know. Actually, its toxicity and non-toxicity depends on how someone have grown this item. What does it mean?

Based on the data from the ASPCA database it can be known that this plant is not dangerous for your cats. However, the insecticide and chemicals which are used can be poisonous.

That is why; it depends on how you grow the Christmas cactus. One more thing to know that several pets are maybe having the allergic reaction. Make sure to know about that.

Make the Cats Stay Sway from the Succulent

Make the Cats Stay Sway from the Succulent

In certain situation so, you may need to make your cats away from this plant. It is because sometimes the chemical products used or sprayed may remain there after spraying.

Are christmas cactus poisonous to cats? It can be a yes, especially if the chemical stay for a long time there and the cats maybe eat it. Furthermore, they like to play wity dirt and the potting soil.

That is why; you must keep them away or cover the soils. Furthermore, there are also some other solutions to have. The examples are using the cayenne pepper sprinkle and cat deterrent.

One of the best techniques is by hanging the Christmas cactus. You may use the hanging basket and make sure that the cats are not easy to reach that area.

Are Christmas Cactus Poisonous to Humans?

are christmas cactus poisonous

From the explanation above, you are able to answer the question of are christmas cactus poisonous to cats or not. Basically it is not dangerous as long as someone plants it right.

However, how about for a human? Based on several researches, it is not harmful for us as a human. However, no parts of it that should be consumed based on some reasons.

The example is a part Which is looked like a leaf. That can trigger the skin irritation if you eat it. That is why; it is better to make them away from the kids at home to prevent any problems.

The example is to get hurt and more. If they eat the succulent accidentally, make sure to bring them to the doctors. The right diagnose is needed to make sure that your children are okay.

What are Your Cars Attracted to this Cactus?

is a christmas cactus poisonous to cats

Besides knowing that this plant is harmful or not, maybe you are also wondering why the cats are attracted to to this item. Maybe it is not only a cat, but also the other pets that you have.

There are some reasons why they love to play in it or around it. It can be from their inside factors or the outside ones. Below are the reasons to know.

#They are really curious

Are christmas cactus poisonous to cats? You must be relelieved since the answer is no. That is why; you may don’t be worried if they play there because they are curious about it.

This pet is naturally curious about every thing and they may do something a little bit extreme because of that. They also the first creature that notice if you bring something new at home.

Furthermire, cactus also has the branches and stems which attract the pets. They may punch, swing, or even bite that. It looks so funny, but they also have a reason why they do it.

They actually want to see the reaction of that plant. All you need to do is just watch it and let them to stay away from there if it is too dangerous for your animals to stay around there.

#Play with the different texture

So, now you know the answer of are christmas cactus poisonous to cats or not. The next reason why your animals love to play with this plant is just because they find the new texture.

They like to play with the hard, smooth, or soft objects. The aim is to experience how does it feels. That is why; sometimes you will see that they bite that object as well.

#Remove their itchy feeling

Sometimes the pets can feel itchy on their body. They may rub themselves in anything around them, including the cactus to relief that itchy. It is not only for their body, but also the teeth.

It means that your animals may chew the plants or something like that. It is better to talk to your vet in order to get the further evaluation. It is better to make sure that everything is all right.

What to Conclude

So, are christmas cactus poisonous to cats? The conclusion is for sure no. The only thing to happen is that it may triggers the suggestion issues for the animals, especially if they chew it.

It is because this plant has a fibrous agent which can cause the digestion problems. For your information, that material is harmful for the animals’ digestive system.

Make sure to see your vet if the pets are showing something abnormal after chewing it. So, are christmas cactus poisonous to cats? No, but you still needs to be careful.


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