are egg cartons recyclableHave you ever wondered are egg cartons recyclable because you saw a pile in your kitchen? As you know, eggs are one of the most common food items consumed by humans.

Eggs can be used for a variety of dishes to cakes. Some of you may only eat a dozen eggs a week, but in some cases, people buy up to a dozen eggs. This of course also increases the amount of waste in the house.

Therefore, you must think about sorting which waste needs to be disposed of and which can be recycled. Thinking about the best solution is something worth considering. Some waste can indeed be recycled or decomposed.

But what about egg cartons? Can this waste be recycled? Egg cartons are made from recycled materials. Many people think that this type of cardboard can no longer be recycled. But is it true? To find the answer, you can read the review below.

Are Egg Cartons Recyclable?

are styrofoam egg cartons recyclable

Egg cartons are not made in the same way or material. There are various materials that can be used to make egg cartons. Some of them are plastic, cardboard and Styrofoam. But are egg cartons recyclable?

Therefore, you need to know that not all recycling companies accept these materials. Before you decide to donate to a recycling center, you need to know what materials the company accepts.

Because of that, you need to know about the ingredients mentioned well. Cardboard is usually recyclable, but there are also companies that reject egg cartons. You also need to know that cardboard can only be recycled a few times.

Whereas usually, egg cartons are the result of the last recycled process, so it is not possible to recycle them again. Styrofoam usually cannot be recycled. But usually, the company or egg supplier will advise you to send the egg carton back for recycling at their company.

Lastly is the use of plastic for egg cartons. Usually, this type of egg packaging will have a description of whether it can be recycled or not. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the information on the packaging.

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Reasons Why are Egg Cartons not Recyclable

Reasons Why are Egg Cartons not Recyclable

Are egg cartons recyclable and how to do so? There are egg packaging that can be recycled, but not all of them. But why can’t some egg cartons be recycled? There are several reasons why egg cartons cannot be recycled.

The first is because the egg carton has been contaminated by food. You need to know that food waste can contaminate paper, so before recycling, the paper should be in an uncontaminated condition / in clean condition.

Are egg cartons recyclable in all condition? The answer in no. If you want to be able to recycle your egg cartons, it’s best not to put broken eggshells into egg cartons.

In addition, egg cartons are usually made from materials that have been recycled many times. This causes egg cartons to be the last recycled product that can no longer be recycled.

Utilize Egg Cartons at Home

Utilize Egg Cartons at Home

Instead of asking are egg cartons recyclable, You can use egg cartons for other things besides recycling them. Some of the things below can be an inspiration for you:

1. To Plant Seeds

If you have space in your home, you can start growing your own vegetables. Seeding can also be done by using egg cartons. You just put in the soil and start your nursery.

2. Can be Used As a Paint Palette

Doing creative activities at home such as painting can also use egg cartons. Because of its many hollow shapes, this carton is very suitable to be used as a palette for paint.

3. Use it For Packing

If you want to send a parcel to your brother by post, then you can use egg cartons instead of bubble wrap. This can keep the contents of your package from breaking or being shaken during shipping.

4. Egg Cartons as Storage

You can use egg cartons to store various things. You can store peas, beads or other small items in egg cartons. The shape that has a partition provides the right fit for your small items.

5. Donate it To Local Farmers

If your egg cartons are still clean, it never hurts to donate them to farmers around where you live. They can use it as packaging for the eggs they sell.

6. Donate to a School or Organization

If you wondered are egg cartons recyclable, maybe it’s best to reuse them instead. Another way you can do is to donate it to schools or organizations that involve children. Usually, they will need egg cartons to make crafts.

Benefits from the Use of Egg Cartons

Benefits from the Use of Egg Cartons

Generating a lot of waste is indeed something that we should regret. The large pile of garbage is very damaging to the earth, therefore we must start doing something to reduce the production of this waste.

And again, are egg cartons recyclable? Recycling and reusing egg cartons is one way for the community to reduce the volume of waste. Although not all types of materials can be recycled, you can still reuse them for various purposes.

If you are looking for other ways to use the egg cartons you have at home before throwing them away, then you have contributed to reducing the production of waste on earth. This is a good step that everyone should follow.

In addition to reusing and recycling, you can also do compost by using egg cartons. Brown egg cartons have a high carbon content so they can help the composting process.

You need to know that in order to decompose, egg cartons need a good level of aeration. However, the soil in the yard doesn’t provide that, so it will take a long time for the egg cartons to completely decompose.

Therefore, you must be wise in making decisions regarding the use of egg cartons at home. Now you understand the answer, are egg cartons recyclable because it depends on the material used in its manufacture.


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