can you flush baby wipes

Can you flush baby wipes? Many people do not know that baby wipes can be versatile. They are only used for wiping the baby’s bottom whereas they work great for any problem.

They can be used for changing their diaper or wiping food off your cute baby’s face. Baby wipes can also be multifunctional and can be used for adults of all ages. If you have been using many baby wipes and you have already started the potty-training process.

There is a question for yourself. You might ask yourself if you can flush the wipes after being used. In this post, we will go over can you flush baby wipes? What will you experience if you do that? Let us dig deeper into that.

What Happens if We Flush Baby Wipe?

can you flush baby wipes down the toilet

Any type of wipes especially those with plastic content that are flushed down the toilet can be a problem. They are the reason behind the manufacture of sewer-damaging fatbergs.

There was the largest investigation of the problem with flushing baby wipes (sewer blockages) in 2017 in the UK. It proved that some serious problems were caused by plastic wipes.

According to the project, wipes contributed around 93% of the components causing obstructions and fatbergs. These plastic wipes were not created to be flushed. But most of them are still labeled flushable.

There are “flushable” labels in the wipes of an old industry standard. Although they do not quickly break down once they enter the sewers.

When it comes to can you flush baby wipes? there is no needs to give them all a wide berth. The problem with the fatberg got a big boost with the Water UK Official Fine publication about the flush standard.

Thanks to the latest standards launched in 2019, you can flush down baby wipes of some brands. They are 100% plastic-free and completely safe to flush down the toilet.

Can You Flush Baby Wipes?

why can t you flush baby wipes

In general, you should never flush baby wipes. Not the same with toilet paper, the wipes cannot damage when wet. They are created with a lot of moisture content that makes them great to clean dirt.

can you flush baby wipes? They do not break down like toilet paper, they should not be flushed. Doing so means asking for a blockage in your drain pipe.

Even if they do not cause a blockage, there might be a problem in either the sewer system or the septic system. One thing that needs to be mentioned is that there is flushable baby wipe that can be easily found on the market.

These wipes are not created equal although they are introduced as safe to flush. Many tests have been conducted showing that it takes a long time for the most “washable” wipe brands to decompose in water.

After being flushed in your toilet bowl, the wipes will have a long journey. They are traveling through the drain. Here the problem rises. Even some of them were totally not breaking down after soaking overnight.

When the wipes pass through the sewer and are undamaged, they can get caught on tree roots at the bottom of the drains that have entered the piping system. Furthermore, they can even become wrapped up around the pump vane. This will cause a problem that results in costly repairs.

Can You Flush Baby Wipes? Pay Attention to the Label

can you flush baby wipes down toilet

Only wipes that display the “fine to flush symbol” are safe to be dissolved in drains. They are like toilet rolls that will not become a part of the notorious fatberg.

Can you flush baby wipes? These wipes can take some weeks to break down compared to plastic wipes that can take years to disintegrate. These brands have passed the stringent tests to be labelled fine to flush.

They will not contain residuals or plastics that contaminate the sea, estuaries, and rivers. According to the Michael Roberts, which is the UK’s chief executive, this step is very important in overcoming the blockages.

Can you flush baby wipes? These are bad impacts of fatbergs around the world such as in the UK caused by flushed baby wipes. There should be fewer of them.

The core of actions taken by the industries is to improve the environment. The flush standard can be useful for the customer to easily distinguish eco-friendly products rather than products that clog sewers and drain.

So, when talking about can you flush baby wipes? It is simple. Check the label on your wipes. Once they are labeled washable, easily flush them.

Disposing Baby Wipes

can you flush baby wipes in the toilet

Can baby wipes be flushed? now that you know that flushing is not the best option, what do you have to do? Well, this is very simple. There are two options according to the type of your baby wipes.

Chemicals and synthetic materials are contained in baby wipes. You can easily throw them away. This may not sound good but this is the way of disposing of them. Can you flush baby wipes if they are biodegradable? the action needed to be taken is composing.

They are composable because there are no harmful chemicals contained in them and the materials used are natural. This is far better rather than throwing them away. Keep in mind to look at the packaging. Make sure that the wipe is compostable.

Final Thoughts

can you flush huggies baby wipes

We all know that baby wipes are easy-to-use items. It has become more convenient since some of them are flushable baby wipes.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that to flush any baby wipes. Even with those marketed as flushable. Instead, there are two choices, which are to compost them (the safe to compost wipes) or throw them away.

Throwing something away is better ideal, but this is how to deal with them. And now that you got the answer to can you flush baby wipes? You know what to do.


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