do bed bugs have wings

This is uncommon but you might imagine and wonder do bed bugs have wings? It is contrary to popular belief that bed bugs cannot fly. Bed bugs (Cimex Lectularius) are a kind of pests. They are feeding on blood and generally disturbing humans as their hosts.

The EPA, the CDC, and the USDA consider that bed bugs are a public health pest. However, they can lead to some public health issues but are not known to spread or transmit disease.

It is important for humans to notice their existence and try to prevent or control them. According to experts, the pest increase in the USA can be caused by ineffective control, more travel, or lack of knowledge about the way to prevent them.

Do Bed Bugs Have Wings?

bed bugs have wings

People have commonly mistaken and guessed that some insects that can fly are bed bugs and think that their wings are similar to bed bugs wings. Whereas it can be a black carpet beetle.

Bed bugs are only able to crawl on surfaces and even cannot jump. Although their body is flat and small, these make them be easily identifiable.

Even though they have wings, they are not. What they have are “bed bugs wing pads”. It is an underdeveloped wing and cannot be used to fly.Generally, they are clustered on mattresses and do not have nests.

They can access people easily while sleeping to suck their blood. They can bite and leave some red spots on your skin or cause itchiness or other diseases. Never underestimate this little creature.

Do bed bugs grow wings? No, but do not think that they cannot cause serious problems. They can hide in clothing and even crawl to any space no matter how tight it is.

How Do Bed Bugs Get in Your House?

How Do Bed Bugs Get in Your House?

Bed bug clusters can be prevented easily if you understand the places where they come from. These are the common ways for them to get into your house.

1. New Clothing

Through new clothes, the pest can enter your home. Wherever you go shopping, check every piece carefully to know if there is any sign of bugs.

2. New Furniture

New furniture can also be the way for do bed bugs have wings. Especially if you buy new furniture, check every inch of it properly. Inspect your mattress, beds, couches, and sofas.

3. Office and Schools

Office and school spaces are the other sources for bed bugs to live. This pest infestation is generally peak during the summer.

4. Motels and Hotel

A survey in 2015 said that motels and hotels were among the most common places of bed bugs to be reported by pest control professionals. The pest can hitch a ride easily via your clothing or luggage.

Whether you are staying in the best hotel, you can guarantee yourself. According to a survey in 2016, bed bugs existed in five-star hotels in New York.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Getting rid of these bugs is very important as soon as possible after you identify them. Although there are no bed bugs with wings, they can enter your building. Ask for professional help once you deal with a heavy infestation.

1. Protect the Mattress

Bed bugs feel comfortable to be in the mattress so you need to firstly protect your mattress. It is recommended to buy a mattress cover with a special design to control bed bugs. By using a brightly colored wrap, the appearance of the bugs will stand out.

Insects will not be able to enter your mattress. Since the answer of do bed bugs have wings is not, they will be trapped and killed if they infest the bed. The cover will also help you to prevent more bites.

2. Use Diatom Earth Food Grade

Is among home remedies that are popular and effective in controlling bugs and other pests. You can spread this non-toxic powder in thin layers around the bed and several common places such as drawers and upholstery.

3. Make Sure the Environment Is Clear

This is especially your clothes after you have traveled since it can be the way for do bed bugs have wings. Pack all fabric items that are washable and your clothes into your heavy-duty bags. Wash them using the highest temperature for the fabric.

You can separate the item that cannot be washed into the dryer. At least dry them up for 30 minutes. Use a high setting and let the dryer reach s temperature. This takes enough time for the temperature to kill all the bugs and their eggs.

In addition to thinking do bed bugs have wings? If the problem is serious point, the best option is to call a professional. It might be costly but it is better if the home remedies do not work.

Other Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Other Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

It is good news if you have a steam cleaner. You can make use of it to steam the mattress, carpet, and sofa. In the case of a non-toxic solution as far, there is no better way to deal with the bugs than using heat.

Apply steam for every cranny, and nook in your house as the pest can hide even in the smallest spaces. Using a vacuum cleaner is also recommended. It is better to use a vacuum machine equipped with a disposable filter to safely remove bed bugs caught.

By the cleaner since the answer of do bed bugs have wings is not. In addition to those ways, another way is by using certain scents. You can use essential oils with a specific smell. This can keep the pest away.

Moreover, you can buy products like bed bug sprays, portable heaters, or bed bug traps. Last but not least is to be patient. Getting rid of this pest overnight is almost possible.

Be patient and keep on trying until you are sure that the bugs are no more. It is pretty hard to get rid of bed bugs. But as long as you use the aforementioned methods, you can both prevent and control their existence.

There may be no quick fix using chemical materials. After knowing do bed bugs have wings? you can always inspect their infestations and use an effective strategy.


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