do deer eat begonias

Do deer eat begonias? This question is always appearing in someone’s mind, especially those who love gardening and plant this kind of flower. That is a big question mark to answer.

Begonias are the beautiful perennial flower and they are commonly known as the houseplants for so many years. Before planting them, make sure to know several information first.

This item has the uniwue appearance and they look incredibly amazing in any kinds of settings. However, please be carefull if your house is exposed to deers. What is the reason?

Begonias are Attractive to Dear

Besides answering Do deer eat begonias or not, you should know that this animal has the voracious appetites. They can eat everything that they look around as a herbivore.

The next thing to know is that the begonias flowers have the attractive shades which are quite attractive for the deers. That is why; they may eat this plant in your garden.

There is a fact that actually this kind of flower is unappetizing for the animals. Naturally, they are going to avoid it and find another food. It means that they are just attracted by the colors.

What is the reason? In fact, everything is because of the smell that this floral has. It had the aromatic smell which is quite strong. However, some types are not resistant.

Do Deer Eat Begonias: What Varieties are Resistant?

do deer eat tuberous begonias

So, what types of begonias which are resistant to the deers? You may really want to know about it before planting these plants. It is essential to maintain your garden look.

In fact, there are more than 3 types which are really resistant and they will not be eaten by the animals. Below are the lists of those varieties, so check them out.

1. Wax Begonias

wax begonias

Before knowing Do deer eat begonias or not, make sure to know that this type is quite resistant. The good thing is that this variety is popular among the gardeners.

It is because the flowers can grow and bloom throughout the year. It is able to tolerate various conditions such as the full sun. Besides that, they also resistant to excessive heat and drought.

However, if you want to get the better result, it is recommended to use the moist soil. The plants will be more beautiful and it is also easier to take care for. You should try it.

2. The Tuberous Begonias

The Tuberous Begonias
The Tuberous Begonias

It is a great choice to have too. Do deer eat the Tuberous? The answer is no because they don’t like it. However, this plant needs several requirements to grow properly.

The example is that it needs the frequent amounts of water. The good things is that this Tuberous is also resistant to the humidity and heat. It is suitable to be planted everywhere.

The flower is so mesmerizing and these are trailing the plants as well. That is why; you may be interested to use them in a hanging basket than just planting them in a soil.

Make sure to know that this variety will do best in certain temperatures. Usually, that is between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It is going to have a significant impact.

3. The Rex Begonias

The Rex Begonias
The Rex Begonias

Do deer eat begonias or especially this type? The answer is totally no. The interesting thing is that people are usually don’t care about its flower, but the love it’s attractive foliage.

However, please ensure to water the plant carefully since this variety doesn’t like the wet soil condition. If the water is too much, this beautiful begonia variety will be not able to survive.

Usually, it is regimented for not watering it unless the soil is looked really dry. If you decide to use a container to plant them, make sure that the container isn’t that deep.

The best one to use is the shallow containers and this flower will be so healthy as long as it is cared properly. That is why; gain more information first about how to care them.

Other Plants which are Resistant to Deer

do deer like to eat begonias

After getting the answer of Do deer eat begonias or not, you must know that there are some plants which are resistant to this animal. They are a great options to place in your garden.

Those varieties are like the bleeding hearts, lavender, peonies, wishbone flowers, and the bearded irises. So many experts said that they are quite safe to be planted there.

However, it doesn’t mean that they will be 100% resistant to deers or otger animals. That is why; you may consider to protect the garden with several methods available today.

 How to Protect Your Garden

So, are you planning to protect the garden after reading this Do deer eat begonias information? If you think that it is essential, here are some protection techniques to have.

1. Place a bar soap

Place a bar soap

This simple method can be done by packing a bar soap near Tye pants. This is a popular and effective technique which is always used by so many gardeners as well. It is so easy, right?

The smell of that soap will disturb the deers’ sense of smell. That is why; it will turn them away from the garden. To do so, hang that soap on a stake or you must hide it properly too.

However, it doesn’t recommend to burry the soap under the garden. Furthermore, it is also better to choose a product that has a robust scene.

2. Apply the deer repellent spray

Apply the deer repellent spray
Apply the deer repellent spray

Nowadays, this product is available every where. To buy one, make sure that it has a positive review before to ensure the quality of this item and it is safe enough to use.

Do deer eat begonias? They will not, especially if you apply this spray. Nowadays, this repelleny spray can be bough online or even from the local store near you.

3. Make a fence

Make a fence


It cannot be denied that making a fence is a general and effective method to have. Well, actually it just like a physical protection that you should try to protect the garden.

It is a recommended way if the deer population around you is just too many. You can try to. Install the robust wooden fence there and the animals will stay away from there.

So, the key is by doing the recommendation above and make sure that a garden isn’t that attractive. Do deer eat begonias? Well, they won’t as long as you do the steps above.


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