do mothballs keep mice away

Have some problems with the mouse? Have you considered several things to get rid of them? Do you ever wonder, “do mothballs keep mice away?” But maybe still you find them freely roaming around the room?

So, where does the problem actually come from? Are there any mistakes of repellent you use, or that just doesn’t even work. To answer those despairing questions, it’s good for you to find the answer.

About mothballs and its effectiveness of keeping them away. Below we bring you some facts about camphor balls and how it can’t be that helpful to avoid mice.

Understanding Natural Mouse Repellents

do mothballs keep mice and rats away

Most people will traditionally consider things like peppermint, ultrasonic sound, or even moth balls as home remedies. But do you know that those kinds of things don’t even bring any function at all? Any other repellents such as using cats, cayenne pepper or ferrets won’t also bring any difference.

Maybe it has some effects but it lasts only a short time and temporarily. Rodents however still roam around and you find yourself feeling so confused then keep asking, “do mothballs keep mice away?” For that reason, it would be important to recognize how this mouse repellent actually works.

Thing you have to know is that the rats are truly smart creatures, so they will be easily escaping from traps you’ve made. As you find those kinds of remedies don’t really work, then you may ask “does peppermint oil keep mice away as well?” Come on, you just need to stop it.

Do Mothballs Keep Mice Away?

do mothballs keep mice away home

Let’s make it simple. The reason behind why many people still believe that camphor balls can get rid of mouse is because it’s contained naphthalene. That’s why camphor balls are still well known as an effective DIY mouse control method.

As there is question like “what do moth balls keep away?” There will be common answers like mouse, snakes, or cockroaches. But it just looks like a myth if it’s brought to scientific reason. However, as we’ve mentioned before, camphor balls consist of naphthalene which has a very strong smelling white covered in solid substance.

Instead of asking “do mothballs keep mice away” it’s good for you to understand how it will affect anyone’s health if it’s used foolishly. As it contains naphthalene, it will be a dangerous thing when inhaled or ingested.

It furthermore can possibly damage blood cells as it loses blood’s ability of carrying oxygen. So, do you still want to put it around your room in order to make mouse doesn’t ruin you anymore? It will not be a wise decision.

Why Camphor Balls Aren’t Recommended to Use?

Why Camphor Balls Aren’t Recommended to Use

Now you’ve heard the answer why we don’t recommend you to use camphor balls as an option to get rid of mouse. Not only is it not that effective, it also brings damage especially in the case of health.

When you find any products containing naphthalene, you know that it’s just proposed to eliminate moth on fabric. We can say camphor-balls are better for clothes or bed-sheets usage, but of course it’s not good for repelling mouse.

Scientifically, an overuse of naphthalene will cause headaches, nausea, kidney damage, and respiratory problems. So, do mothballs keep mice away? It should be no because there will be multiple health risks as there is prolonged exposure to moth-balls.

Not only in health problems, but also the use of camphor-ball will probably put you in any legal issues. It’s because mothballs repellent usage for squirrels, snakes, rats, and other wildlife is illegal due to prohibition from The Environmental Protection Agency.

The Most Effective Ways to Repel Mice

The Most Effective Ways to Repel Mice

So, rather than ask “do mothballs keep mice away”, why don’t you try to find another option like prevention? Repelling rats would be better to be treated by prevention.

Whether you’ll hire a professional or just try to avoid it by yourself, understanding any prevention method should be well-understood by those who want to make rats go away. And here are the ways:

1. Keeping the Room Clean

Always making sure that your room is clean is the wisest way to avoid mice coming to your home. If you have a question like “what scent will keep mice away?”

The most effective answer is by turning any space of your room into the cleanest one. It’s because rats are well known for their amazing sense of smell. Hence, keep your room neat and mouse won’t come inside to your room

2. Repairs

The very first thing is repairing both interior and exterior from any damages. This way would be really useful to protect your home from rats as they will have no access to enter your room. Some damages will be a potential way for any rats to go within because there might be any holes that make mice fit to go inside.

3. Steel wool

As you’re wondering, “do mothballs keep mice away?” Using steel wool will be another efficient option to keep the away. You may find that rats are able to chew through anything, especially food.

But have you heard that they are not able to chew something like steel wool? So, use this way to be another effective technique for prevention.

Make a Homemade Mouse-trap

Now you’ve learned how to repel mice with a camphor ball and how useless it is. But you don’t have to worry because there is another effective way to overcome your problem by making a homemade mouse-trap. Just forget question like “do mothballs keep mice away?” and just start to follow these instructions to create the trap:

  1. Place peanut butter on the kitchen roll tube
  2. With the peanut butter end hanging off the edge, bring that roll to the edge of a table.
  3. Put an empty plastic container at the bottom of the roll place with the lid nearby.
  4. As you create baits, just wait for the rats to come in.
  5. As the mouse enters the bait, the roll will drop them into the plastic container.
  6. As the bait works and traps the rats, put the lid on the container.
  7. Make sure you set the mouse free in a place that is far from your home.

As the problem of rats that come to the home is still happening, the ways of eliminating rats may be that versatile. Thus there will always be questions like “do mothballs keep mice away?” and you need to know how the rightest way to overcome it.


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