how do carpenter bee traps workHow Carpenter Bees Work – You need to know that more carpenters are relatively harmless, the males don’t have a sting, even the females are quite tame. But just because they’re harmless doesn’t mean they’re not wary. Because they can do a lot of damage to the wood material at home.

Therefore, if your home has this one insect. Maybe some of you have asked questions about carpenter bee traps, now for this one, it would be nice for you to continue reading this article to the end.

How Dangerous Are They?

how do the carpenter bee traps work

Well, before we talk about traps for these insects, it would be nice to first know the reasons why you should trap carpenter bees first. It is certain that the biggest concern for homeowners is the nesting habits of the bees. But for this one bee will generally nest in the wood.

Be it a live tree or a cut plank. They do this by chewing it and building tunnels and also causing damage to its structural integrity. If left unchecked, the tunnel will rot, inviting mold, moisture, and other pests to enter the house.

Not only that, they will even pollute the terrace, walls, and wood materials in the house. On the other hand, these bees will also tend to be more dangerous if their numbers are not controlled. This happens when the female maggots are old enough to build their own nests.

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Then they generally return to the tunnel before laying more eggs. When the tunnel is occupied, the bees make a new tunnel nearby. In the end, a group of carpenter bees live together and will also form a simple social structure.

Of course, the wood will be destroyed if the drilling continues, so it is not surprising that many householders use many ways to trap them in a trap.

So How to Build Traps?

So How to Build Traps?

Once you know how dangerous the carpenter’s bees are if left unchecked. So it’s time to set a trap for them. Well, by using this tool you can get rid of all the bees in your house.

This trap may take a lot of work. But even so to make it is very easy to do. In short, you only need to make a block of wood which will be drilled on each side. After that, the trap is attached to the top of the mason jar which functions as a bee glass cage.

So, the carpenter’s bee will enter the hole and be trapped in a glass jar.

How Do The Traps Work?

How Do The Traps Work

If you are asking about how do carpenter bee traps work? Be aware that the traps are essentially imitating the standard hives of this type of bee, but that it is made more comfortable for them. Usually, these traps are hung in a very conspicuous place. The material is made of softwood. Even the trap had holes drilled in it.

Each side of the hole is drilled up, and all of them are connected to a 45-degree drop point which will point to the jar. Then what happens is that first, the bee will enter the trap through one of the inlets, then the bee will know that the back is not a good place to build a nest for various reasons.

So they will find a way out. When looking for a way out, the bee will look for a light source to get out of there, but since all the inlets are drilled upwards, the incoming light will be effectively cut off. Bees do see light from one direction

The direction is a sharp drop into the jar. When the bees headed for the exit they would fall into a jar made of glass. So that’s how do carpenter bee traps work on this one.

Does the Trap work?

The answer to this question certainly works because every bee that enters will later enter the trap because it saw the light that was originally a jar made of glass. So, all the bees that enter will definitely be caught in the trap that was made earlier.

Other Tips for Wooden Bee Trap

Other Tips for Wooden Bee Trap

By using carpenter bee traps, of course, you can collect bees and can better protect your home from the various damage they can do if left unchecked. You need to remember this important information.

  • Drill a hole big enough for the bees to get in.
  • Then the drill is also more angled enough to cut the light. Approximately 60 to 80 degrees it’s just right.
  • The next thing is not to paint or apply varnish to wooden blocks. Because the protective layer will repel bees.
  • Then keep some of the traps around. But place it in the area where the bees live most in your home.
  • You can hang or install the trap on the wall or any position which will certainly work.
  • Then as tips on how to do carpenter bee traps work you can soak the traps with sugar. Because bees love sugar.
  • Then clean the mason jar iterator. The reason is that if there are dead bees in the trap, it can certainly give a signal to other bees and the trap will no longer function.

So, those are some other tips on how to do carpenter bee traps that you might be able to apply or apply to trap carpenter bees, which really annoys every homeowner if left unchecked. Moreover, if the growth is not well known, of course, your various properties will be damaged and invite various other insects. Therefore it is very important to trap.

So much information can be conveyed to you about how to do carpenter bee traps works. Hopefully the above can help you. Those who really want to solve the problem themselves. But if you don’t want to be bothered, you can hire an insect control service in your city.


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