how long for tomato seeds to sprout

How Long For Tomato Seeds To Sprout? Check out the explanation – Tomatoes are one of the fruits that are classified as vegetables. Its very high vitamin C content makes this plant very popular and is recommended to be consumed regularly. Almost every type of cuisine uses tomatoes as a seasoning, either to add to the sour taste or just to add color variations in cooking.

Tomato seeds or tomato seeds are very visible and you can replant them to become new plants. How long for tomato seeds to sprout? Well, this question is often asked by many people who want to grow tomato plants from seeds. Because usually planting will use special seeds that tend to grow faster.

Therefore, the direct growth of tomato seeds is not known with certainty. Previously you need to recognize how the characteristics of this plant as well as the condition of the seeds that can grow to produce a new plant. Tomato seeds will be sown first in order to get seeds that are drier and easier to grow.

Seed Growth

Tomato Seeds To Sprout


Tomato seeds can be sown for approximately 1 week at a temperature of approximately 25 degrees Celsius. After that, the seed can become a seed that can be planted in the right soil conditions. The duration of the growth of tomato seeds will depend on the process of seeding and planting with good soil and water conditions.

After approximately 2 weeks the original leaves will begin to grow after the germination process. Furthermore, each new leaf will appear in 5 to 7 days. That means approximately the tomato seeds will sprout after 3 weeks from seeding until new leaves grow. In early varieties, the first flower bunches will be tied about 35 to 40 days after germination.

Then after 60 days lasts on varieties with medium maturation then the next flower bunches will appear. Then for varieties with final ripening will take place after 90 days with the condition of the fruit getting bigger. Each bunch will bloom from 1 week to 10 days depending on weather conditions.

Next will occur the formation of ovaries that pour the fruit until it becomes ripe which takes about 20 to 30 days depending on the variety. You will need another 2 to 3 weeks for the fruit to ripen. That means how long for tomato seeds to sprout the answer can take up to 4 months or more.

Fruit Ripe

how long does it take for tomato seeds to sprout

After experiencing the above process, of course, the fruit will ripen, especially if the soil, water, and weather conditions are very supportive. If the fruit has started to ripen but the condition is still pale, it can be placed in a special place to get the perfect ripening process.

For this, the required temperature is approximately 16 to 18 degrees Celsius or lower than that. The point is that in order for the ripening process of bananas to be better, the planting of tomato plants must be in the lowlands with fairly low air temperatures.

You still have to be careful because at temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius the formation of the pigment lycopene will stop. This causes the fruit to turn red and also turn yellow. When the fruit ripens directly on the plant it will turn yellow if it is in autumn. Meanwhile, if the weather is cold it can turn redder.

The length of time for the growth of tomato seeds to become ripe tomatoes is quite long and requires very careful care. This plant can be left to grow alone without being treated with special handling. Unfortunately, the results will not be so good where the condition of the plant is drier with fruit sizes that do not meet the standards.

The condition of fully ripe fruit basically does not really need nutrients, especially during the ripening process. Ripe fruit releases ethylene gas which contributes to the ripening of other green fruits. That means the ripe fruit is still good for other fruit conditions and can help the ripening process.

Tomato Planting Time

Planting Tomato Plants

Before knowing clearly how long for tomato seeds to sprout you also need to know the time it takes for the planting process. Tomato plants are annual plants so that the results can be obtained every year. This will be better if influenced by good soil and weather conditions.

You can dig up tomato plants in the fall and then transplant them into a large pot with a capacity of up to 5 liters. You can see that at the end of November the tomatoes will lose their leaves after doing the planting process.

At that time you should not water it too often. Then until the end of February, the plant will again show its leaves and slowly new flowers will appear. You just need to bring it to a cooler location and can plant it near other fruit trees.

In the fall this plant will usually begin to grow gradually. You need to know the age limit of the plant to be able to continue to grow and bear fruit for only up to 3 years. The duration of the growth of tomato seeds is quite time-consuming and after growing well, the age will not be too long.

After 3 years this plant will completely die especially if it was moved frequently before. You can choose the right type of tomato plant because basically, it can grow well on the windowsill or on the balcony area of ​​your house. That way you can plant it in your home area to make it more fun.

Some types of tomatoes can be sown in a shorter time by putting the seeds directly into the soil. For this reason, tomato varieties produced usually have smaller fruit with lower plant sizes. So for the question of how long for tomato seeds to sprout can be determined according to the variety of tomatoes.

Tomato Storage

Tomato Storage

You can store tomatoes in a cool place for 1 to 2 months. However, it must be stored properly and as much as possible not allowed to become damp. Especially for fresh tomatoes that do not use any preservatives, the risk of rotting can occur quickly.

Some of the things above can certainly give a little idea for those of you who always ask about how long for tomato seeds to sprout. Not only about the time but the process that occurs in it you also need to know well along with the provisions.


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