how many nesting boxes per chicken

Check out How Many Nesting Boxes For Chickens – We certainly already know that although there is no set formula for how many nesting boxes are needed. This will depend on the size and type of chicken you have.

Well, then the average consensus for large birds is the best number of nesting boxes needed i.e.. While space is the main consideration, so you can make one box for every 6 to 8 chickens. As for other factors that include climate, do your chickens lay eggs all year round, or do they stop in winter?

Therefore, you can use fewer squares with less benefit. If you have a dozen or more hens laying eggs almost at the same time in the morning, then you can’t just have 3 boxes, you have to assess the needs of their flock and adjust accordingly.

As for the chickens with a smaller size, can share the nesting box well. It’s certainly not uncommon to find two or 3 chickens sharing a nesting box. If you have small chickens you can make the nesting box smaller and more comfortable than if you make a larger box.

So What Should Be Included in the Nesting Box?

how many nesting boxes do you need per chicken

How many more modern nesting boxes per chicken? Well, for this, of course, you don’t need a bed. The reason is already equipped with a mat. Not only that, even if they have mats, then your chickens may prefer to sleep in an extra bed for comfort and ease their natural instincts to dig into the suggested material.

On the other hand, nesting materials can also make cleaning easier when you sweep them. Even adding new ingredients is very easy.

How Many Nesting Boxes Per Chicken

You need to know that a good rule of thumb is to provide one nest box for 4 to 6 chickens. But even so, if you only have a few chickens, have at least two nesting boxes. For example, I have 40 chickens and 8 boxes but they only sleep in 3 boxes.

They are spread out and may be able to use five nesting boxes, but on average some people don’t collect eggs from 8 boxes. Well, if you see the same thing, then don’t worry the chickens you have can share the room.

Chicken Nest Box Requirements?

You need to know that the requirements regarding this are not even defined nor what should be used to make nesting boxes for chickens. Because the chicken will pretty much lie anywhere. Therefore, you can use boxes made of wood, milk crates, metal boxes, and so on.

After that also make sure you have quality nest materials, for example, nest mats. This will prevent the eggs from breaking and will also be very easy to clean. If you have free-range chicken. Surely you already know to find eggs hidden in bushes or haystacks.

How to Quickly Make a Nesting Chicken Box

  • Provide 4 to 6 nesting boxes per chicken or a minimum of 2, if you only have a few chickens.
  • The dimensions are approximately 14x14x14 inches so larger chickens can fit in without a problem. However, 12x12x12 inches should also be made for some large chicken breeds.
  • Then fill the box with quality nest material.
  • Then keep the nest material clean by cleaning the chicken coop regularly.
  • Then make the activity of collecting eggs a daily habit. Well, that way you can help keep it clean and even cracked eggs can be minimized.
  • After that place the box under the chicken coop which will later encourage the chicken to be used. It is not the box that is the nesting area, but the chickens prefer to use the higher areas of the coop for nesting.
  • In addition, if you make it yourself, then as a suggestion make the top of the box tilted, well, that way even the chicken can’t stand on it. This will keep the box clean. Because they will not be able to stand on top and defecate there.
  • Frequently asked questions

How to Make a Nest Box for Chickens?

When making nest boxes, usually use plywood for the box and 2×6 boards for the legs.

How many nesting boxes per chicken or how many nesting boxes are needed per chicken?
Although it is recommended to have one box for 4 to 6 chickens, if you have 6 chickens then it is better to make two nest boxes.

How to Stop Chickens Defecating in Their Nest Box?

This is indeed one of the things that make us irritated with pets. The reason is that it can make your eggs dirty. Therefore you need new nesting material in the box every day. Although it sounds easy not always so.

Materials That Are Put In The Nesting Box

how many nesting boxes do i need per chicken

  • Straw

Everyone knows that the most commonly used nesting material is straw. Well, the material is indeed very natural to be a chicken nest material. Because the straw can absorb moisture and provide good protection against eggs.

In addition, this straw needs to be replaced because it is susceptible to fungi and bacteria if left unchecked. If you have other livestock, you may have a supply of this material.

  • Nesting Pads

This nesting pad can be used alone or under any material you have chosen. The material you choose is based on the number of nests you have and your budget. If you don’t have enough budget, it’s certainly not a problem. But be aware that it would be ideal to have a nesting mat with material on top.

So much information can be conveyed about how many nesting boxes per chicken. Hopefully, the above discussion can be an illustration or solution for those of you who want to make a box for a chicken nest.


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