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How Often To Water Ferns? Check out the explanation and how to care for it – Caring for plants is not a very easy thing to do, especially for certain types of plants. You need to be careful starting from the planting process to daily care so that it doesn’t wilt and even die. Especially if the plant is a rare species with a fairly expensive price.

One plant that requires special attention is the ferns or ferns. This type of plant is not so foreign to the ears of ordinary people because it is easy to find around your environment. In addition, there are also several types of species that are quite rare with quite distinctive physical characteristics.

The part of caring for this plant is quite extensive including how often to water ferns or how often to water ferns. There are so many types of fern varieties that generally require almost the same care. Starting from placing it in the right place to giving a special treatment can make this plant grow well.

Even if cared for properly this plant can live up to 100 years. Ferns by nature are quite friendly and can be kept indoors though. However, care, especially the correct way of watering, is needed by this type of plant.

For more details, you need to pay attention and then practice some ways of care for the following types of ferns.

Use a Pot with a Drainage System

how often to water ferns indoors


If you plant it in a pot, make sure you choose a type that has a drainage system such as having a hole in the bottom. How often you water the fern will certainly make the condition of the water in the pot more so that it needs to be drained so that it is not too humid.

You can use pots made of ceramic or clay to grow this fern. Make sure the bottom has holes as drainage channels so that water doesn’t settle too much and inundate all parts of the soil. Part of the pot can be filled with a porous planting medium and then the roots of the fern can be filled with soil with all the leaves on top of the planting medium.

Porous Planting Media

how often to water hanging ferns

You can use porous growing media to support the growth of ferns and make them better hydrated. This planting medium will also support the drainage system so that water absorption can be better without being too much. How often you water the fern will be well absorbed and the rest will be thrown away.

You can get the planting media through farm shops or plant seed sellers. This media usually contains compost or manure so that it will form an air pocket in it. The amount of soil needed must match the size of the pot to be used. Make sure to use a large port so you don’t change it too often.

Precise Placement

how often to water ferns outside

The next fern plant care is to place it in an appropriate area. You can place this plant in an area that is not directly known. You can place it indoors or in some area around it that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

How often to water ferns will be assisted with proper placement so that it can produce balance and plant conditions that are not too dry. If placed directly in the sun then the watering process is in vain because it will dry faster.

For the United States area itself, the best position if placed around the house is in the window area facing south or north. Place it not too close to the window so as not to be exposed to the heat. Fern leaves that are too often exposed to the heat of the sun will more easily turn brown and brittle.

Flush Well

how often to water indoor ferns

How often do water ferns? Well, this question is certainly quite attention-grabbing considering that this plant must be in a humid place with well-hydrated conditions. As for how often you need to water it can be adjusted to the condition of the plant and make sure there is no dry surface.

You can water it every day a maximum of 2 times a day. If the condition of the soil or the leaves looks quite moist then you don’t need to water it again to avoid excessive water conditions that make it easier to rot. During the watering process, you can wet the inner surface and the planting medium.

Make sure the leaves and planting medium are moistened but not soaked. Make sure the water enters and waters down to the roots. To water this plant you can use warm water or water at room temperature. How often to water ferns using the right water will make its growth more optimal.

The condition of the leaves can be fresher and every part of it is well hydrated. Make sure to avoid using cold water because the roots of the plant can feel shocked because these plants usually live in tropical areas with warm water conditions. If the surrounding environment is dry enough place the potted fern on a pedestal filled with rocks and water.

The goal is to maintain humidity for the fern so that it is maintained regularly and does not rely on the watering process alone. You can spray the plant regularly, especially during the day to ensure that the humidity is maintained. Humidity can be more thorough and also maximum.

Maintain Room Temperature

how often to water boston ferns

In addition to determining how often to water your fern, you should also maintain the temperature of the room where the plant is stored. The right temperature to store this page is between 16 to 22 degrees Celsius. The temperature is quite suitable for plants that come from tropical climates such as this fern.

Make sure the temperature remains the same in all conditions and the weather is at least close to 21 degrees Celsius during the day and less than 16 degrees Celsius at night. If it is too cold then this plant can not grow well. When in a closed room you can also use a cooler or room temperature controller.

Thus the explanation of how often to water ferns along with several other ways that can be done to care for the ferns. By using the right care this plant can grow well under the conditions it should be. The most important thing is that this plant does not dry out and can last a long time.


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