how often to water fiddle leaf fig

How often to water fiddle leaf fig? Check out the following reviews! – Are you familiar with fiddle leaf fig or ficus lyrata plants? This plant is commonly used as one of the home items to beautify the surroundings. In Indonesia alone, this plant is known as the fiddle fig tree. If you don’t know, this plant is native to Africa. Many use it as a home decorator because it is considered to have its own beauty.

In addition, the fiddle fig tree is also an elegant plant with leaves that are stiff and wide like a violin. Despite its popularity, it’s certainly not the easiest houseplant to care for, but its visual impact in space is unmatched when given the right conditions and care. However, make no mistake, the leaves do not fall easily even though they are old and yellowed.

And only after the fall comes, the fiddle fig tree will drop its leaves one by one. If you are looking for the right plant to fill the corners of the house, the fiddle fig tree is one option. However, make no mistake you have to pay attention to several things, especially regarding the care of this tree.

How to Care for a Violin Fig Tree Properly? 

Do you already know the steps for how often to water fiddle leaf figs? Or is it more about how to properly handle this one plant? You need to know, the fiddle fig tree loves sunlight.

Make Sure Customize the Temperature With the Need

So it is important for you to place it in a room that is exposed to abundant sunlight. Do not leave the plant in a place that is too humid and lacks light. Make sure if the temperature is suitable for the needs of the fiddle fig tree plant. However, the fiddle fig tree also appreciates a warm and humid environment, plenty of water, and plenty of light.

Right in front of, or close to a south or west-facing window is ideal, and eastern lighting can also work as long as the plants are directly in the window and the room is very bright. A few hours of direct sunlight is also beneficial.

how often to water a fiddle leaf fig

If placed in a location in full sun (where the plant will receive more than 6 hours of direct light each day), a humid environment will make your fiddle fig tree leaves look their best. It is not recommended to place this plant for windows with northern exposure. They will not thrive in low-light locations. If you are unsure of your lighting conditions, placing a tree right next to a window is the safest option.

If necessary, you can also have a guide on how to measure the light in your room. How often to water fiddle leaf fig can be difficult and easy. Looks like you should pay more attention to this one living creature. There are several things that must be considered so that plants can survive and even grow continuously. The fiddle fig tree is very sensitive to environmental changes. They will likely need a little time to adjust to their new home.

Be Sure to Follow the Care Instructions

Don’t panic if your leaves fall off. Just make sure that you have done some of the steps and suggestions above in the right way. Then if you are using a container made of organic material to put the leaves of your fiddle fig tree in, you highly recommend using a waterproof plate underneath to protect your floor, as moisture can build up under the pot due to the volume of water this plant requires.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you always check and assess your plant’s watering needs after receiving it. Before giving your plant a drink, it’s best to check the moisture level in the soil first to make sure it’s not damp just below the surface.

Also, consider draining your plant’s soil before the initial watering. Many planters compact the soil to avoid shifting during transit, so aeration can aid drainage, help the soil breathe and allow moisture to be released.

how often to water fiddle leaf fig tree

The best way how often to water fiddle leaf fig is that you have to pay attention if the fiddle fig tree really likes it if the soil condition is maintained consistently. The humidity is evenly distributed with short drying periods between waterings because it comes from an area of ​​the world that gets very dry between rainstorms. Water thoroughly each time twice. You can do this in the morning and evening because the weather is not too hot on the dry soil.

Allowing the soil to dry deep into the lower root system will result in leaf loss, so be sure to check the soil regularly until you develop a routine with your plant. On the other hand, too much moisture in the soil can cause root rot and also cause leaf fall. In addition, also note the accurate state of moisture throughout the soil is with a soil probe.

It Is Recommended That You Use a Pot on Your Fiddle Fig Tree

fiddle leaf fig how often to water

As this is a challenging plant to survive long term in its nursery pot – but be sure to include it in a permanent planter with plenty of soil mass and most importantly, drainage. If your fiddle fig tree is planted in a container without drainage holes, you will need to be very careful not to overwater.

In this treatment process, it is recommended that you allow the fiddle fig tree to dry a bit between waterings and use a soil probe to see how moist the soil is at root level before watering. This plant does very well in a self-watering container. So also make sure that the container used is suitable and comfortable for the fiddle fig tree to develop and grow.

It allows you to check the moisture level of your plant at the root level and can also be used to dry the soil if it gets too much water. Those are some things you can pay attention to regarding the fiddle fig tree. How, are you interested in cultivating? At least you already know how often to water fiddle leaf fig. Good luck!


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