how to build a water feature wall

This is How to Build a Water Feature Wall for Home Decoration – You are certainly no stranger to home decoration, you can find it in various modalities, one of the most popular is the fountain that comes out of the cellphone.

This decoration can not only be used indoors but also outdoors. More often referred to as a water wall, it turns out that you can make these decorations yourself in your home. If you are interested in making one, you can follow the steps below.

Tools and Materials Used to Make

how to build a water wall feature

So that how to build a water feature wall can be done well, then you can prepare the following materials, including:

  • Air compressor
  • 2 x 2 lumber
  • A pond liner with customized size
    carpentry tools
  • Materials for making ponds and foundations for water walls.
  • You can also use other ingredients if needed. For example, additional decorations or other things. The choice of stone to be used also needs to be considered, so that the results look attractive.

How to Make a Water Feature Wall

How to Make a Water Feature Wall

For those of you who have prepared the various materials above, here are the techniques for making them in detail step by step. You can use it as a guide regarding how to properly build a water feature wall.

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Deciding on a Water Wall Theme

Deciding on a Water Wall Theme

The first way is to choose a water wall theme that you want to make. Adjust it to the existing house design, so that it doesn’t contradict or collide with the concept. Even though it is only a decoration, the design that is made must still be considered carefully.

After determining the theme, you can begin to develop possible designs that you want to use. For example, the color used, the type of stone, or the model you want to use. With these estimates, the process of making water walls can be done more easily.

Choosing the Right Place

Choosing the Right Place

If you have already determined the theme and design for how to build a water feature wall, then the next step is to choose the right place. For this decoration, it is better to place it in an open part of the house, for example in the garden of the house.

So that the residents of the house can enjoy the gurgling water and look at it, then you can place the water wall facing the house, not facing the outside of the house. The location of the wall should be chosen which has a strong foundation so that it is not fragile exposed to water or moisture.

It’s a different thing if you want to include this decoration as a home interior design. Then you have to prepare a place that can be cleaned every time, or at least not too many people. This is because water will likely flow everywhere, so be prepared properly.

Give Water Effect


Give Water Effect

The next step for how to build a water feature wall is to give the right water effect for the water wall you want to make. There are several options that you can use, for example using a fountain or waterfall.

For the waterfall effect, for example, you only need a water reservoir and then release it at a predetermined place. If you want the water to flow well, it is necessary to prepare a holding tank before the water returns to the beginning and is sprayed at the waterfall.

It’s different if you want to get a fountain effect, you do this by using a small tank that has been prepared on the wall. Later the water will come out of the small hole provided, so the water flows gently into the pond before returning to the tank.

Support Building

how to build a water feature wall in the northeast

When making this decoration, you must also pay attention to the support or foundation, with a predetermined height and depth. How to build a water feature wall is quite simple, generally, for medium size, only a foundation with a depth of 40 cm and a height of 40 cm is needed.

But you can also use a different foundation size, especially if you want to get a smaller or larger water wall from the start. This foundation will strengthen the water wall used, so it is neater and not easily damaged.

Giving the Wall Outer Layer

Giving the Wall Outer Layer

If the inside has been made well, then the outside must also be considered. Feel free to paint your choice of natural stone used to give a more natural impression. You can use water-resistant paint to prevent the paint from fading.

For the stone used in how to build a water feature wall, it must also be considered properly. The selected stone should be natural stone, this type of stone is not easily damaged, resistant to moisture and the grinding is carried out by water every day.

Some choices of stone that you can use are andesite stone, temple stone, or natural stone because they have denser pores compared to others. Don’t forget to paint the stone with a special anti-fungal paint so that no fungus grows on it.

Deliver Water Pump Machine

In order for a water wall to function properly, you need a water pump that works properly. The water pump is intended so that water can flow properly without any obstacles. Use a water pump that draws water directly from the ground or a poma jet machine.

By using a jet pump engine, how to build a water feature wall can display a waterfall or fountain that is heavier. Feel free to add accessories if needed, for example by adding lighting for a more dramatic effect.

In addition to lights, you can also use Hardscape or Softscape to make this outdoor decoration look even more beautiful. For example, by planting plants that are close to the water ecosystem, such as the Dutch betel plant or water lily. That way the water wall looks more attractive.

Such is the information regarding the technicalities and materials used for how to build a water feature wall. Hopefully, with this information, you can make it easier to make minimalist home decorations, without any difficulties.


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