How to Clean Leather Boots

Check out Tips for Cleaning Leather Shoes That You Should Try.

If you are a fan of leather, do you already know how to clean leather boots? Not infrequently users of leather goods are often not aware of the skin requires special care. Whether it’s from cleaning, drying to more maintenance that must be done regularly.

Items made of leather are indeed susceptible to several things. One of them is sun exposure. If you have leather shoes with frequent and long duration of use. You can check how it is currently. Has anything been chipped? Or what about the skin’s surface elasticity and texture? Usually, the surface of the skin that is not treated properly will be easily stiff and rough.

This is what you should pay attention to when choosing leather-based items such as. In addition to sun exposure, the skin is also not resistant to splashing water. The surface of the skin is very sensitive to moist conditions.

So if you don’t dry it immediately, usually the surface of the skin will appear black and white spots aka fungus. This will affect the function and aesthetics of the natural fibers of the skin.

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Of course, you don’t want this to happen. As we also know, leather-based goods have exorbitant prices. Especially if it is made of genuine leather, be it cows, sheep, and other animals. Although there are already leather-based goods made from synthetics.

However, the quality will certainly be different. The basic ingredients of genuine leather are made with great detail and not just any. This is also the reason why the skin feels warmer.

Because natural fibers made from animals are able to protect the body from wind and extreme temperatures. In addition, the leather base material also has extraordinary durability and durability. So do not be surprised if the skin becomes the target and also the choice of someone who is looking for quality materials. Not only in terms of its many functions. Leather base material also has its own characteristics.

In the fashion industry, leather is one of the fashion items that never go out of style. Since the era of the war era where leather materials, both jackets, and shoes, were commonly used by fighter plane riders.

Now practicing leather is one of the items that always appears in every model shows, both local and international. Leather is also able to support a person’s appearance to be able to appear more trendy.

If you don’t know how to properly care for leather shoes. Check out how to clean leather boots.

  • First, choose a good place to clean. Choose a place that you don’t mind getting a little wet and dirty. Try your garage, back or front porch, or a room in your home that has linoleum or tile flooring. If you stay inside, you may want to put some newspaper, Skin cleanser can be stinging. If you work on the side, turn on a fan or open a window.
  • Second, remove all the ropes. Before you start cleaning, remove the laces of your boots and remove them from the shoes. They can block or prevent you from reaching all the nooks and crannies of the boot. Roll up the rope and set it aside so it doesn’t get lost or tangled. If your shoes have zippers, consider unzipping them. Sometimes, the dust gets into the leather part behind the zipper. You want to clean it too.
  • Third, brush all the dirt with a soft brush. Use a soft-bristled brush to avoid scratching the skin. This will remove most of the dust, dirt, and even some light stains. Don’t worry about cleaning up dried mud or stains. You’ll need more than a soft-bristled brush to remove them. Pay extra attention to brown shoes. Dust and dirt won’t show up on it, so you might want to spend more time on it. If your shoes have laces, be sure to get the tongue part that goes behind the laces. If they have a zipper, press the piece of leather behind the zipper.
  • Next, use a leather cleaner for all leather except suede. Most leather boots can be cleaned with a regular leather cleaner. You can buy leather cleaner at a shoe store, hardware, and tacks store, or online. While regular leather cleaners also work, you can choose to follow the retailer’s recommendations.

Don’t forget to use a special brush to clean suede shoes.

Suede shoes don’t get wet and shouldn’t be cleaned with regular leather cleaners. Rub the brush against the boots to clean them. Use back and forth and up and down motions when cleaning boots. You can also use gentle circular motions.

Be gentle with suede shoes.

If you rub too harshly or rub too hard, the suede may smudge and leave bald marks. If you have wet a cloth or brush to clean with a leather soap. Some skin cleansers, including saddle soap, are available in soap form. Then create a light lather by rubbing the sides of the fabric together.

Use a soft fabric such as a cut-up cotton t-shirt.

You can also use a brush with very soft bristles. The cloth should be damp, not wet. If it drips with water, you will need to squeeze out some of the excess liquid. If you have sensitive skin, consider wearing plastic gloves. This way, the foam won’t hit your hands. Then pour the leather cleaner onto a damp cloth. You can also find liquid skin cleansers.

Pour a small amount (no more than small circles) of liquid onto a dampened cloth. Rub the sides of the fabric together to create a light lather. Then rub the cleaner into the leather and wipe the shoe with a dry cloth when you’re done.

Those are the steps for how to clean leather boots that you can try.


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