How to fix a crack in the drywall

How to fix a crack in drywall – Everyone agrees that home is one of the most comfortable places in the world. Especially if we design with our wishes. But you need to know that the house must also make periodic repairs to keep it strong and not damaged.

Here’s How To Fix Drywall Cracks That Keep Coming

Well, home repairs seem to be endless. Especially when you are faced with recurring problems. For example, a small crack in the wall. It even makes you unsightly. However, it will generally be very easy to fix.

If you have the right ingredients and follow the right instructions too. If you don’t make repairs correctly, besides the results are not optimal and unsightly, it can even get worse. Therefore, read this article to the end.

Currently, there are many services that provide services to repair problems such as drywall cracks that keep coming back. But do you have plans to do it at home? Of course, it can be done. So here’s how to fix a crack in drywall that keeps coming back.

Prepare the Equipment Needed

how to fix a crack in the ceiling drywall

Before starting to repair drywall cracks, the first thing to do is to prepare and collect the various tools needed in advance. Look for the tools below that you may have in your home. If not, you can buy it at the nearest hardware store.

  • Primary Patch
  • Putty knife
  • Wall paint
  • drywall knife
  • Fiberglass mesh drywall tape
  • Paint bowl or you can also use a mud pan
  • Sandpaper or you can use sponge sandpaper.

You can easily find the above equipment at various hardware stores in your nearest city. After you collect the equipment and make sure that the equipment needed is met then you are ready to move on to the next step.

#The first step

Here the material you use is sandpaper or a sanding sponge. Well, this one tool you will later use to smooth the cracked wall area. The method is quite easy, you just rub the wall slowly to remove all the peeling paint on the wall and clean the dust. Then cover the surface that you will include in the repair.

#Second step

How to fix a crack in drywall that keeps coming back the second step, the material you will use is fiberglass mesh drywall tape. It’s very easy, you just cover the line using drywall tape. Well, in this case, the fiberglass net is one of the materials that is suitable and practical in its use. Then also make sure to close the center properly.

#Third step

Here you will use the primer patch material. How to use it You simply apply a sufficient amount of primer patch to cover the cracks thinly on the fiberglass mesh. Be aware that this material can help to repair cracks in drywall.

The reason is not only as a primer but consists of connection compounds. Well, with this pre-mixed product you can save more time and money on fixing this problem. If you want a new patch primer product that is still tightly sealed, of course, the results will be very good and also durable.

#Fourth Step

The equipment you will use at this stage is a putty knife. Use the knife to spread the patch primer over the damaged drywall area. Take care not to wrinkle the tape when applying the patch primer. Then double-check until you are sure that you have applied the filling from the inside out.

#Fifth Step

The material for how to fix a crack in drywall that keeps coming back at this stage requires two materials, namely a patch primer and a drywall knife. The trick is to spread the second layer of the primer pact. In addition, make sure you tap at least 2 inches wider in all directions outside the crack both right and left, top and bottom. Smooth the primer and also smooth the surface.

After that, let the second layer of primer patch dry. For about 30 minutes, after that, the coating will dry.
Sixth step

The material used at this stage you will use a sanding sponge or sandpaper. The method is also very easy, use the sandpaper you have to polish the primer of the patch that has dried earlier. Be aware that this process can aid in the proper mixing of the product into the drywall itself.

#Seventh Step

In this last step, the material is wall paint. After you have done the steps above, for the last time, all you have to do is repaint the cracked wall area. Do a few coats of paint. This is so that the repaired well will look like before the crack occurred.

Conclusion Of How To Repair Drywall Cracks

how to fix a crack in drywall ceiling

For Existing Cracks

You must first fill all the minimal cracks in the drywall itself. After that, you can repeat all the steps above. Do this for all drywall areas of your home. If you take precautions to prevent the cracks from spreading, of course, they can still be overcome. So you don’t need to do large-scale renovations.

For Ongoing Home Construction or Renovation

If you are currently in the process of building or rebuilding your home, you can strengthen your walls with various supporting joint compounds. As professional advice. You can consult your contractor. So they can apply it immediately and make your walls sturdy and anti-crack.

So much information can be conveyed about how to fix a crack in drywall that keeps coming back. Hopefully, the steps above can be the best solution for those of you who are currently confused about overcoming wall cracks which if left unchecked will be very dangerous for the residents.


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