how to freeze brussel sprouts

Are you in the process of harvesting Brussels-sprouts? Now you need to know how to freeze Brussel Sprouts to do the next step. Keeping Brussels fresh by storing it in the freezer will give you more time to enjoy it, anytime you want.

On the other hand, whether you have homegrown or raised this plant, making it frozen will also preserve its freshness. So, how to store brussel sprouts in perfect ways? Let’s look at the step by step instruction we’re going to cover down below.

Can You Really Freeze Dried Brussel Sprouts?

Brussels-sprouts are not the kind of vegetables that can grow easily, but still you can harvest it or find it on the market because they will always be available right there. Before you get into the process of how to freeze brussel sprouts, the most basic question you need to know is “Can you just freeze this kind of vegetables?”

No matter whether you love to eat this or not, this herb may not seem like the iconic items people will consume during autumn or winter. For that reason we can say that this veggie is not that popular. But if you know how to eat this in more delicious ways, you’ll be in love with this item however.

Most people may take a process like roasting them with little oil, salt, and garlic, but there is another trick that can help you make it tasty, that is by freezing them. As you have a bunch of this veggies leftover, the only answer is by understanding how to freeze brussel sprouts effortlessly.

How Long Does it Take in the Process of Cold-Storing?

how to freeze brussel sprouts without blanching

But there is a common problem when it comes to eating this kind of vegetables. Brussels-sprout however can be really tasty especially when it’s consumed freshly. Another way to make it still look like newly harvested is by taking these plants after a frost. Due to that condition, you probably need to learn how to freeze brussel sprouts.

Bringing it to be cold-stored is begun by the condition where this veggie is homegrown or locally raised. As they are fully stocked, the only way to enjoy it is by being frosty. Technically, when frost touches plants, it will conduct a process of sweetening that turns starches into sugars. Of course your veggie will taste more sugary.

As these vegetables are perfect items to be frozen, you still can consume it for up to twelve months as it’s well blanched due to the process of freezing. As you learn how to cook blanched frozen brussel sprouts before, it will be nice to bring frozen veggie into your menu.

How to Freeze Brussel Sprouts? Here are the Steps

how to freeze fresh brussel sprouts

Just harvested plants from your farm? Now it’s time to bring them into the freezer. But before taking the following process, for the first time you need to wash them as they might be dirty or insects on the leaves. So now, prepare the Brussels-sprout you’ve collected before, and follow these instructions:

  • Prepare a bowl.
  • Cut them away from the stalks, and put it on the bowl.
  • Look at each one of the piles to make sure that there are no spoiled or eaten parts.
  • If there is a bottom flush, just divide it.
  • As you’ve washed them well, all vegie are ready to be steamed. To make a process of steaming uniformly, just divide them into three parts.
  • As it comes to the process of blanching, make sure you recognize the size of veggies you own. If they have no similar size, just group them by the size because it will seek for different times in the process.
  • For more detailed ways of how to freeze brussel sprouts, the small size takes 3 minutes, medium size takes 4 minutes, and large one takes 5 minutes.
  • You need to find post-freezer mushiness, so don’t let it overheat. Set a timer when you begin to put them in the boiling water as well as you’re ready with a large bowl of icy water.
  • Bring them down to the ice to stop this process. If it’s needed especially in order to make the temperature cold, put more ice cubes over there.
  • To cool it off, bring them into a bowl of icy-cold water. The bigger sprouts you have, the more ice water should be put on the bowl.
  • Prepare a towel for the process of drying. Put them slowly on a clean towel then let them dry. Before you take the next step of how to freeze brussel sprouts, make sure they’re all dried totally.
  • Then after you find the veggie dried, put them on a cookie sheet and place them on the freezer as they will freeze on their own.
  • After a day, take them out then place them in pint bags. Make it dated before putting it back into the freezer. Ensure you’ve removed all the air inside before it goes sealed. And when you try to seal it, just avoid over-packing.
  • This will be the end of the process of how to freeze Brussel Sprouts. Now you can serve and eat them as much as you want.

Tips You May Need in the Process of Freezing

how to freeze fresh brussel sprouts without blanching

After you learn how to make it cold-stored, now we bring you tips to make sure that all the process can be done perfectly. Look at these things:

#Blanching Process

Thing you have to know is that the process of blanching may take a little extra time and feel so time-consuming. But you’re suggested to keep doing this way even though you’ll find the brussel sprouts brown inside after freezing. It’s because it will make an eating experience better in the future as it retains flavor, color, texture, and nutrients.

#Freeze in Portions

Another trick about how to freeze brussel sprouts correctly is by freezing in portions. Doing that thing will ease your way especially when you try to defrost some. You just need to grab a bag at a time without making it melt.

#Goes Mixed with Various Vegetables

You can also go with your creativity by mixing them with any other veggies such as kale, broccoli, swede, or carrots.

Know the way about how to freeze brussel sprouts will not be only very useful for those who just harvested it from their garden, but also people who just bought and try to make it always fresh.


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