how to freeze fresh asparagus
how to freeze fresh asparagus

How to Freeze Fresh Asparagus in Seven Steps. Do you know what vegetable asparagus is? Asparagus is a member of the lily plant family and is a relative of garlic and onion. Asparagus is shaped like a small bamboo stick. This vegetable has green, white, and purple colors and a stem diameter of only about one cm.

If you enjoy consuming and storing asparagus in large quantities, how to freeze fresh asparagus is something you should know. In USA, asparagus is not well known to many people and is not as popular as other vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, or mustard greens. This vegetable is rarely found in traditional markets but can be found in supermarkets or modern supermarkets.

How to Freeze Asparagus – Easily!

Apart from the facts above, asparagus actually has a myriad of benefits and properties if cooked and packaged properly. Therefore you need to know how to freeze fresh asparagus to be able to maintain the benefits and properties it contains.

Asparagus contains high antioxidants that can prevent cancer and improve brain function. In addition, asparagus is also a source of vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, fiber, protein, tannins, riboflavin, rutin, niacin, folic acid, and magnesium.

All the properties contained in asparagus can help lose weight, increase immunity, improve mood, help lower blood pressure, support the health of pregnant women, improve digestive health, prevent stable blood sugar, prevent urinary tract infections, maintain heart health, and prevent osteoporosis. The benefits of asparagus are many, right?

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how to freeze asparagus fresh

In addition, asparagus has a great taste and can be cooked to include in a variety of foods. Asparagus can be cooked by steaming, sauteing, frying, broiling, or grilling. If you are shopping for asparagus, look for asparagus that is fresh and not wilted, also look for asparagus that is closed at the ends, has a firm stem or stem, and is dark in color.

For the best asparagus storage or packaging process, you need to know how to freeze fresh asparagus. An additional suggestion for processing asparagus is not to cook asparagus in a cast-iron pan because the tannins in this vegetable can react with the iron in the pan, causing a change in the color of the stalks.

Also, don’t use too high heat because asparagus is a soft vegetable that contains folic acid and will spoil easily when exposed to air, heat, or light, and heat asparagus by boiling or steaming it, as heating asparagus in the microwave will destroy some of its nutrients.

how to freeze fresh asparagus without blanching

Therefore, for those of you who are interested in buying and consuming asparagus and maybe saving the rest for later use, this article “How to Freeze Fresh Asparagus in Seven Steps” is an article that you must read. This is because asparagus spoils quickly and loses its nutritional content if it is not consumed immediately within 1-2 days.

Vegetables from the garden are the healthiest and freshest. However, unfortunately, these vegetables cannot be stored for a long time and quickly wither and lose their freshness, including asparagus vegetables. For that, you need to know how to freeze fresh asparagus. The main rule of freezing any food is to freeze it as soon as it is bought or picked from the garden, the sooner the better.

1. Choose a Fairly Thick Asparagus Stalk as the Asparagus Will Freeze Better

how to freeze fresh cut asparagus

also choose freshly harvested so that it is fresh, not mushy, and has a wood-like texture. Do not choose asparagus that is already brown because it will not taste good after freezing.

2. Clean the Asparagus by Washing It With Water

Then, cut off the woody or dry bottom of the asparagus stem about two cm. This is because the chewy texture of the asparagus stem doesn’t taste too good after being frozen. Meanwhile, for wilted asparagus sticks, set aside and save from others because later after freezing, the wilted asparagus will become too soft and only suitable for making cream or cream soup.

3. Cutting Asparagus Is Adjusted to the Type of Dish That Will Be Cooked Later

To make a cream, cream, or sauce soup, cut the asparagus into small pieces about 1 inch (2.5 cm) long so that the asparagus cooks evenly as it cooks. To make grilled asparagus, you don’t need to cut it or leave it whole, while for stews and salads, cut the asparagus into short strips or chop.

4. Prepare Enough Ice Water

Also, prepare boiling water to boil the asparagus before freezing it so that it retains the flavor of the asparagus. Boil the asparagus in boiling water for about a minute. Monitor regularly so that the asparagus does not overcook and become mushy.

5. Cool by Soaking the Asparagus in Ice Water

Let stand for about a minute, the same time as when boiling. Next, transfer to a colander to drain. Without the two core steps above, asparagus will turn black during the freezing process and lose its taste, and without cooling to sharp temperatures using ice water, asparagus will lose its green color and become unfit for consumption.

6. Cover With Plastic Wrap

how to freeze fresh asparagus is to put the pieces of asparagus that are no longer wet on a baking sheet or tray then cover with plastic wrap and put in the freezer. Store asparagus in the freezer for about an hour or until iced. Freezing before long-term storage prevents the asparagus from turning into frozen lumps.

7. Remove the Frozen Asparagus From the Freezer

The last thing is how to freeze fresh asparagus in seven steps is to remove the frozen asparagus from the freezer and then transfer it to a safe, flat, and tightly closed container or bag to prevent water, air, and dust from entering.

Do not forget to mark the date on the container or bag to know the consumption deadline. Frozen asparagus can be stored for up to one year provided the conditions must be completely cold or frozen.

Before cooking, asparagus does not need to be thawed or given anything first. Asparagus can be added to dishes as soon as it is removed.

That’s how to freeze fresh asparagus in seven steps that you need to know if you are a vegetable asparagus lover or are interested in starting to consume it.


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