how to get chapstick out of clothes

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How to Get Chapstick Out of Clothes: The Professional Cleaner

how to get chapstick out of clothes after drying

Most people may not want to bother cleaning the stains themselves. The best thing to deal with this is by taking it to a professional cleaner.

If there is a label on the stained garment stating that the garment is only for dry cleaning, then go to the local dry cleaner. Give the cloth to them and tell them the stain.

The alternative of how to get chapstick out of clothes is by using a home dry cleaning kit. You can do it yourself. First, use the special stain remover included in the kit before putting the clothes in a dry-cleaning bag.


how to get chapstick stains out of clothes

Removing Chapstick stains out of clothes is not an easy process. You can start with treating the fabric. An enzyme-based cloth cleaner can be an option. Use it to treat every stain individually.

If there are none in your area, choosing a strong laundry detergent can be another option. This detergent has the enzyme content to clean the remaining oil from the stains then separating it from the fibers.

Work the stain remover properly into the fabric using your fingers. Use a soft-bristle brush for a better result for how to get chapstick out of clothes. Let the cleaner sit for up to a half-hour. This is essential as it will help remove oily stains and make it easy to be removed totally.

The Brown Bag Method

how to get melted chapstick out of clothes

How to get chapstick out of clothes? This is another brilliant method to remove stains from your garment. First, you need to examine the clothing to mark all major stains. Make sure you take a closer look and know all spots where stains might be.

Nest, scrap off any was that may have accumulated on the fabric. Wipe on a paper towel and then remove it properly so that there is no more residue sticking to other clothes you might wash alongside. Now, grab a brown paper bag. Tear it in the middle.

It will end up with a flat sheet of paper. The alternative of this how to get chapstick out of clothes is by using a thick sheet of plain paper if there is no brown paper bag around you.

Place your stained clothes above the paper with the wax stains facing upward. Place another piece of paper over the stain, covering both sides.

Prepare an iron and use medium heat. Do not use the steam in this method of how to get chapstick out of clothes. After the iron is warned enough, you just have to use it on top of the paper.

Never let the iron be left in one place or your clothes will catch on fire. Mov the iron around and do that for some minutes for the transfer process of the wax to the paper.

Once it happens, there will be oily spots in the paper. This indicates that the paper must be replaced. Put the iron aside and replace the paper from the top and bottom and do the same process.

When there are no more oily spots on the paper, you can stop the process. Take the cloth and add a small amount of laundry detergent to the stained cloth.

The next step in this method of how to get chapstick out of clothes is to fold the cloth in half and carefully rub the detergent on the lint. Let it for some minutes and place it in the washing machine.

Rewashing the Garment

how to get chapstick out of clothes after washing

After the stains cleaner has sufficient time to rest, rewashing the cloth is the thing you need to do. Using hot water is recommended (check the warmest temperature allowed to wash the fabric in the label on it).

This is what will get Chapstick out of clothes. If necessary, you can repeat this process to perfectly get rid of the stains.


how to get chapstick out of dried clothes

If none of the methods work, do not worry. You can try another option: color-safe bleaching. Bleaching usually ends up with the color of the fabric fade that makes it not recommended. It also reduces the fabric lifespan significantly.

However, there is color-safe bleach or even chlorine bleaching to remove the stains. If the stained cloth has a white-colored fabric, then chlorine bleach is the option in this how to get chapstick out of clothes method. Contrary, you can use color-safe bleach for colored clothes.

Keep in mind that the bleach can burn your finger so be careful when using it. Use proper safety measures when washing the clothes, do not let the bleach sit on your cloth for too long.

Once the bleach is removed, you can place the clothes in your washing machine and set a high temperature to wash them. It should completely remove Chapstick stains in clothes.

Wrap Up

how to get chapstick out of clothes after washing and drying

These methods are just some options that can be used in getting Chapstick out of clothes from your garments. How long do the stains stay on your cloth? It also will determine how difficult it is to remove.

If the stain has persisted for several days, it can be harder and almost impossible to be removed. Therefore, never underestimate acting on time.

As soon as melted Chapstick stains are noticed on your garments, never let it settle in. Once you understand how to get chapstick out of clothes, figure it out with the best methods.


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