How to Get Ink Out of Carpet

Know-How to Get Ink Out of Carpet Correctly – The ink found on the carpet can indeed cause the beauty of the carpet to be reduced. Especially if the color of the carpet used is not lighter than the color of the ink, of course, the ink will be clearly visible.

But you don’t have to worry, the ink that falls and makes the carpet dirty can still be cleaned. There are several ways this can be done, all using everyday ingredients that can be found easily at home.

How to Clean Ink on Carpet

how to get pen ink out of carpet

There are many types of carpet, some use real fur and fibers, some use synthetic fibers. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know in advance what kind of carpet has been exposed to ink.

How to get ink out of carpet is actually not that difficult, for synthetic fibers, for example, you can do the following ways, including:

Discussing Stains

how to get ink stain out of carpet

The first way is to wet the stain on the carpet with a clean cloth and solvent. There are many kinds of solvent liquid, you can also use alcohol to remove the ink stains.

Make sure when wiping the stain with a damp cloth, you don’t spread or spread it. Also, don’t press the stain into the carpet, as this will make the carpet absorb the stain and make it difficult to remove.

Patting the Carpet

how to get ink stains out of carpet

If it has been wiped or dripped with alcohol, gently pat the cloth until it is completely absorbed. Wait for a moment, about 15 minutes so that the stain will fade. You can also repeat the first method if the stain looks thick and large.

The next way to get ink out of the carpet is to clean wet carpet fibers using another clean cloth. For more optimal results, you can use warm water so that the stain can be lifted immediately.

If the carpet you have is a carpet with natural fibers, you can use a detergent solution to clean it. You can also use a nominal liquid with warm water, here are the steps to clean it.

Using Detergent

how to get black ink out of carpet

For natural fibers, detergent is the right choice because it will dissolve the stain more optimally. You do this by dissolving the detergent in one cup of warm water, you can also use one teaspoon of dish soap.

The next step is to pat the carpet until the stain is reduced and clean. Wait for it to dry or dry it using a hairdryer, fan, or natural room air so that no dirt sticks to the carpet.

Using Ammonia Solution

how to get printer ink out of carpet

How to get ink out of the carpet can also be done using ammonia and vinegar solution. The trick is simple, namely by dissolving one teaspoon of ammonia with one cup of warm water.

The next method is the same as cleaning using a detergent solution, simply by patting the stained area until clean. After that, it can be dried naturally or using a fan.

Using Vinegar Solution

how to get red ink out of carpet

The vinegar solution is effective for cleaning carpets that are affected by ink stains. The method is quite easy, you only need to mix a quarter cup of vinegar and water, then pat it on the carpet. Next, you just need to pat the carpet with a clean cloth until the stain is gone.

After using vinegar, how to get ink out of the carpet is to use a detergent to remove the smell. The method is still the same, namely mixing the detergent with water and patting it on the dirty carpet.

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Cleaning Ink from Carpets Using Alcohol

how to get ink out of carpet when it's dry

For carpets with different types, such as patterned and grooved carpets, using alcohol is the right choice. So that the carpet can be cleaned optimally, it is recommended that you use alcohol with a concentration of 100 percent.

The way to clean it is by dripping alcohol on where the ink fell on the carpet, then wiping it with a cloth following the groove or pattern of the carpet. In this way, alcohol stains can be easily cleaned without having to spread to other parts of the carpet.

There are several tips that can be used when you want to clean the carpet from ink stains, including:

Try to first try to drip alcohol, vinegar, or ammonia in a small area of ​​the carpet. This way you can find out whether alcohol has a negative effect on the carpet material or not.

We recommend using a sufficient amount of detergent as to how to get ink out of the carpet. The excessive detergent will make the fibers on the carpet easily damaged.

Make sure not to wet the back of the carpet, just the front of the stained area. If the back is wet, the stain is likely to sink deeper.

Although using alcohol can remove most stains on the carpet, areas that cannot be reached will still have visible stains. You do this by gently rubbing the toothbrush on the stained carpet.

If it’s still not clean, you can repeat it again by dripping alcohol, letting it sit for a few minutes, then rubbing it gently. Later you can get a carpet that looks cleaner than the ink stains on the carpet.

Use a Vacuum Machine

how to get blue ink out of carpet

Another way to get ink out of the carpet is to use a vacuum machine. Currently, vacuum machines are sophisticated and capable of providing even cleaning. The method is easy and simple, namely:

Drop some alcohol on the stain, then let it sit for a few minutes.
Turn on the wet vacuum, then direct the vacuum to the dirty area.
Later the carpet will be cleaner because the stains can be absorbed well into the vacuum machine.

But make sure that you use a special vacuum like the one used by carpet service providers. Using a conventional vacuum can actually make stains everywhere because they can’t be absorbed properly.

Those are the details on How to get ink out of the carpet properly, hopefully, these various steps can help you, especially those who are still having trouble cleaning ink stains. A clean carpet will certainly make the house look more comfortable and organized.


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