How to Get Rid of Ant Hills

Ways to Eradicate Ant Hill

How to get rid of ant hills – Maybe some of you have seen mounds of dirt in your backyard or elsewhere. It is most likely a new neighbor they don’t want to be approached by. But they are waiting for the right time to invade your home, yes, it is an anthill.

Maybe some of you think that providing a place for insects is a natural thing and sometimes it is also ignored. However, if this is ignored, of course, the presence of the anthill will make the scenery around the house unsightly.

Not only that, the presence of these mounds can interfere with the natural and simultaneous growth of plants and grass in your garden or yard. In addition, the presence of a swarm of ants in the backyard will certainly make you and your family unable to enjoy relaxation in the garden at any time.

One more thing that if we stand next to an ant’s trail, especially in its nest, it is very likely that it can make the ant bite your feet and your body, causing itching on the part that was bitten by the ant. Then how to get rid of anthills?

What is Ant Hill?

how to get rid of ant hills in your yard

Some of you may not know, the anthill is a mound of earth that can generally be found in the backyard or garden. Also know that basically, it consists of small stones, dirt, clay, sand, and also various types of decaying organic matter.

On the other hand, the anthill is the result of the queen as well as the worker ants by which they build a safe home for the entire colony. The structure of the ant mound that looks like a mountain in the ant’s nest carries the dung underground and back to the entrance.

Well, the continuous shifting of the ground will eventually form a nest like a dome or a mountain. While at the bottom, the worker ants continue to dig a network of tunnels as the colony continues to grow from tens or hundreds of thousands to millions of ants.

By using this method, the nest is able to get better protection against various elements of extreme weather such as strong winds and heavy rains.

Then for the dense forest area, the anthill is overgrown with plants that grow on the side of the mound. This is because the seeds carried by the soil are moved by the ants when working in their colony homes. Some of them have even bigger mounds.

So How Does Ant Hill Work?

If you look at the anthill, it looks simple, but know that underneath there is a network of tunnels and spaces that were carefully and relentlessly made by worker ants with various special purposes. They also have compartments prepared for their food, rest, and also for their queen’s eggs.

In the morning, the worker ants will carry their queen eggs to the closest room to the ground level. This of course can help provide the warmth that the eggs need. Meanwhile at night. The worker ants will move the eggs back to the basement.

The Right Way to Get Rid of Ant Hill

how to get rid of ant hills vinegar

When you see a small mound in your backyard, maybe some of you will allow it. But on the contrary. If you ignore it it will be much worse, so it is very important to get rid of the anthill so that you will not be disturbed by the disturbances they create.

You should also know that if left unchecked, the colonies that live on the anthill will grow into a population of more than one million individuals covering the entire garden below. In the end, they can enter your house, kitchen, car and so on. Therefore, here’s how to get rid of ant hills quickly and effectively.

Use Boric Acid

There are so many ways to get rid of ant nests, one of which is to use boric acid. This method can certainly be an alternative and also effective. Be aware that boric acid is the most well-known insecticide and is commonly used against ants.

How to use it, you can directly sprinkle it on the entry point of the hill and its surroundings. On the other hand, boric acid is also a chemical that is toxic and can kill ants when they come into contact. To be more effective, you can use it in the form of a paste and mix it with water and sugar.

Well, sugar itself is able to disguise the chemicals and can effectively attract ants. Meanwhile, the water turns the solution into a liquid so that it can flow through tunnels and anthill spaces that are difficult to reach.

Pouring Boiling Water

How to get rid of ant hills which is very easy and does not require any ingredients, where you can pour boiling water on the mound of ant nests. This method has certainly been proven to eradicate most of the population. But first, make sure the water is still steaming hot when you pour it directly at the anthill’s entry point.

Although ant nests generally have a network of tunnels beneath them, the water is able to find its way through the various colony spaces and eradicate all ants that cross its path. In addition to using only water, you can also eradicate it using a mixture of soapy water into boiling water to make it more effective and efficient.

In addition to using your own method, you can also consult with the experts, especially using pest control products, if you can’t use them properly, it can be dangerous. Therefore do the eradication of these ants with caution. If necessary, ask the person who has done it.

So much information can be conveyed about how to get rid of anthills. Hopefully, the above method can help those of you who do have ant nests which, if left unchecked, will be very annoying. You can even enter the house. For that, use the methods above so that the ant colony can be destroyed


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