how to humidify a room without a humidifier

How to humidify a room without a humidifier – The coming transition season will certainly make everyone uncomfortable. For example, the air in the house, sometimes makes the skin itchy because the temperature is dry. Those of you who have health problems such as sinus, usually relapse more often at this time.

How to Humidify a Room Without an Easy Humidifier

If you have a humidifier or humidifier, of course, this is no longer a big problem. But for those who don’t have it, the problem of dry room temperature certainly can’t be solved easily.

Even if you don’t have a humidifier, don’t worry, you can do the following how-to humidify a room without a humidifier. This is a natural way to feel, the materials and equipment used are also easy to find, so it can be done at home without a big cost.

Boiling Water

how to humidify your room without a humidifier

The first way is to boil water, boiling water will humidify the room faster. Boiling water also doesn’t require much effort, just put the water in the pot, then wait for it to boil. The steam released when the water boils can be used to moisten the surrounding water.

In order to have a distinctive essential aroma, you can also boil water by adding special oils for a fresher aroma. For example, if you want to add a relaxed impression to the room, dripping lavender, rose or lemongrass oil can be an option.

Adding essential scents to warm water can also kill germs in the room. Those of you who are experiencing coughs and colds can also use the method of how to humidify a room without a humidifier so that it can be reduced slowly.

Putting Ornamental Plants

how to humidify a room without humidifier

Another way that can be done is to put ornamental plants in the room, this will keep the air content in the room moist. Plants undergo a process known as transpiration, which is the process by which plants lose water by releasing it from the leaf pores.

Although water plays an important role in plant life, only a small amount of water is needed to keep plants alive and roots getting nutrients. You can use the natural process of transpiration to increase the water content in the room.

However, always remember to water the plants well so that the plants do not run out of water. There are several recommended plants for decoration in the house, including yellow palms, peace lilies, dracaena, and other shrubs.

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Dry Clothes Indoors

Dry Clothes Indoors

Using a dryer can indeed be the right choice for drying wet clothes. But if you need a humid room, it never hurts to put a piece of clothing or two into the room to make it dry independently. This is quite popular how to humidify a room without a humidifier.

When clothes are drying, the water will slowly evaporate. This water vapor will increase the humidity of the air, so the room can be warmer. You can add a portable drying rack so you can move it to another room.

Put a Pot of Water with a Heat Source

Put a Pot of Water with a Heat Source

Another way to do this is to hold a pot or bowl of water close to a heat source. If the heat is stable, then the water can evaporate more easily and make the room more humid.

For example, suppose you place a ceramic bowl filled with water close to a radiator. Slowly, the water in the ceramic bowl will evaporate and make the room more humid. While it’s not a good heat source, it can be used to humidify a room more efficiently.

Cooking on the Stove

Cooking on the Stove

Another way to humidify a room without a humidifier is to cook on the stove. Cooking on the stove can actually increase the humidity in the room, so the room can stay warm and comfortable to use for relaxing.

When cooking on the stove, you can take advantage of the accidental humidity in the air there. Cook with boiling water, for example making soup, pasta, or cooking rice. Later you will slowly feel the difference when the water vapor is released in the room.

You can also use the tea kettle to boil water, when the tea kettle beeps, you can get warmer air. This is certainly a multitasking step that can be done by everyone, while cooking can also warm each other’s room.

Bringing the Bowl Close to the Window

Bringing the Bowl Close to the Window

If the room you have has a window, it can be used to make the room warmer. You do this by placing a bowl of water near the window and leaving the bowl exposed to the hot sun. This method is commonly used for how to humidify a room without a humidifier.

This method is also suitable if your house does get enough sunlight and the weather is sunny. Do not do this method if the weather is rainy, because it will make the room have more water content, even though you need a warm room.

In addition to being placed near the window, you can also do this by holding the bowl next to the door. But don’t forget, make sure not to put the bowl in the middle of the road because it can trip someone who is passing by.

Using a Spray Bottle

Using a Spray Bottle

Another way is to use a spray bottle, this spray bottle contains clean water which is then sprayed indoors. You can use cold water or warm water, according to taste and preference. Choose a spray bottle that has a fine-grained spray.

Because the finer the granules that are removed, the better the results obtained. How to humidify a room without a humidifier must be done wisely, make sure not to spray too much and make the sheets or furniture wet. This can make them more prone to sticking to the fungus, which can make them look dull.

Those are the various ways how to humidify a room without a humidifier easily using everyday equipment. You can practice some of these methods, so it’s easier to humidify the room without the need for a large fee or buying a humidifier, but it would be better if you use a tool that is specifically designed to humidify the room.


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