how to kill maggots in trash can

Are you curious about how to kill maggots in trash can? That small creature is coming from the flies which lay their egg in an area. It is especially in a wet and dirty place.

Usually, the flies decide to lay their egg in a place which is abundant of foods. For this case, garbage is a perfect environment that can attract these insects. Is that the only environment they like?

Of course not. The flies sometime prefer to lay their eggs in a dead animals where it can be also found in a trash can. These small maggots can survive through the semiliquid.

That is produced due to the decay process. So, that is a reason why these creatures are easy to find in the garbage. Make sure to know about how to prevent and kill those things.

How to Prevent from those Creatures

how to kill maggots in a trash can

Before knowing about how to kill maggots in trash can, it is better to know how to prevent it first. There several easy ways that you can try where these ways are quite effective to prevent them.

First of all is about the bacteria and don’t forget to clean the garbage in your area. Below are the further tips and tricks which you can follow. So, check this out right now.

1. Stay away from the bacteria

Stay away from the bacteria

To prevent maggots effectively try to create an environment which is free from the bacteria. It is because flies are attracted with the smell of bacteria. Bascialy, it is not only in a garbage.

The other areas can trigger the bacteria too. The examples is at the corners of your garage, sink, under the furniture, and something like. Make sure to clean them regularly.

The example is in the sink. A lot of dirty dishes and other items there which are sucked is a great environment for those creatures. The only key to handle that is by cleaning them.

2. Sealed the garbage properly

Sealed the garbage properly

To prevent the maggots in the garbage, it is better to seal any trashes that you throw in the bin. That is for all kinds of stuff such as the dried food or anything else. How to do that?

You can use a special plastic or sealed container. It is recommended to seal it as tightly as possible. That will not attract the flies to lay their eggs there since they cannot smell the decay.

The seal will ensure that those insects don’t find the ways to go inside. Besides that, it will be looked neatly as well. That is why; it is better to start sealing the plastics before you throw it.

3. Clean the bin regularly

This is also a way in how to kill maggots in trash can effectively. You must clean the can at least once in every 4 up to 6 months. Another way is by replacing it wity the new one.

If you choose to clean it, it is recommended using a bleach. That is a great way to help the whole parts inside and out. This material is easy to find in the minimarket, supermarket, etc.

How to Kill Maggots in Trash can by Keeping it Clean

How to Kill Maggots in Trash can by Keeping it Clean

One of the great way to get rid of maggots is to maintain the cleanliness of your garbage basket. It doesn’t mean that you need to wash it, but keep them clean and neat as well.

The concept is that the flies will lay their eggs in the other places when there is not any suitable places. They will not able to find the decay area which they love.

1. Use the Boiling Water

Use the Boiling Water

One of the most effective techniques to kill those things is by pouring the boiling water on them. That also an instant and quick way to do. However, there is one more thing to do.

You may add a bottle of bleach and also the half cups of hydrogen peroxide. That must be mixed together in a gallon of boiling water to ensure that it is not harmful for your health.

Then, pour that mixture into those small creatures and they will die. One thing for sure is that you must be careful for not burning yourself. That is why; this technique may not suitable for everyone.

The next way in how to kill maggots in trash can is by using the dish soap. That kind of soap is a quite strong insecticide and it will become an active agent to get rid of those creatures.

2. Apply the Flies Trap

Apply the Flies Trap

It is a great method to ensure that there will be no more flies at home or near the garbage. That is why; they are not going to lay the eggs anywhere. The traps are varied are quite easy to find.

The most popular one is for sure the electric insect let. This tool is able to zapping the flies and also the other pests around a location. Make sure that the location is right.

Usually, that is for the indoor use such as in the garage, near the windows, light sources, and so on. So, how to kill maggots in trash can by using the trap? There is another solution.

It is recommended to use the glue trap where it doesn’t need any electricity sources at all. You just need to buy it from the store and lay it near the trash basket or bin.

3. Use the aerosol spray

Use the aerosol spray

Maybe you place the trash can in a tight spaces. If you want to kill the flies eggs there, it is better to use the aerosol spray, especially the one that contains the pyrethrum substance.

Nowadays, there are so many products available in the store. One of them is the one which is equipped with a part that is looked like a straw. That is good for the tight area at home.

how to kill maggots in trash can by using it? If you choose this technique, don’t forget to cover up your face with a mask or something like that. That will protect your body from the gasses.

The gasses can be harmful and create the long term impact. Don’t forget to read the substances first. That is how to kill maggots in trash can effectively and quickly.


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