How to Replant Succulents

Know the Right Way to Replant Succulents – You must have heard of succulents, they are beautiful plants that are easy to grow. But apparently, not everyone knows how to replant succulents, especially from the leaves or stems they have.

If you like one type of succulent and want to multiply it, replanting is a good choice. This plant does not need intensive care, just water it every few days because it is resistant to growing in hot and dry places.

The following are some steps you can take to properly replant succulents. This detailed explanation will help you to develop succulent plants that are not only healthy but also worthy of being a business commodity.

Preparing the Planting Media

The first way is to prepare a succulent planting medium, because these plants come from dry areas and tend to be sandy, you must use soil that has a natural habitat like the original. But don’t forget, you have to prepare hummus so that the plants can still thrive.

You can use a combination of humus soil, mineral pearlite, volcanic soil mixed evenly. You can also use plain soil, but this is not recommended as it is not compatible with the succulent’s natural habitat.

After preparing the soil, you also have to prepare the pot so that maintenance can be done easier. For pots, you can use plastic, polybags, or plastic buckets. There are several tips in choosing a pot for succulents, including:

  • If you want to replant succulents with small pots, it’s best to put them indoors so they don’t get damaged easily.
  • For medium and large size pots, you can place them outdoors or semi-outdoor. Because with this size, succulents will not be damaged quickly.
  • If you want to hang the pot, then choose a medium or small size pot, that way the risk of the pot falling can be minimized.
  • After preparing the pot, add the previously prepared soil mixture. Make sure you don’t water the soil, as succulents will die if planted in a wet place. Let it dry until the succulent is ready for planting.

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Selecting and Preparing Succulent Seeds

The next step for how to replant succulents is to prepare succulent seedlings. You can use stems or leaves to be a broodstock, such as cactus or aloe vera seeds. Here are details on how to choose the right succulent seedlings.

  • Clean the cutting tool that you want to use to cut succulents, you can use a cutting tool in the form of a pistol or razor.
  • Look for succulents that are mature, healthy, and can be sliced ​​with a razor or knife. For the size of the cut seeds, about 8-12 cm is the ideal and appropriate size. Do not cut using scissors or hands directly. If you do it this way, the base of the plant will not be cut off completely.
  • The succulent plant parts that have been cut are then put into growth hormone or PGR.
  • If it has been dipped, the next way to replant succulents is to sprinkle them with fungicide powder. By using this powder, you will get a succulent plant that is protected from fungal infections.
  • Place the prepared slices, then place them in the shade. Line it with a dry tissue so that no dirt sticks to the ends.
  • Wait until the base of the slices dries, after shrinking, you are ready to plant them.

Planting Succulent Seeds

The next way is to plant the seeds, how to dig a hole in the pot that you have made. The depth is about half the seedling to a third of the size of the seedling, with that size, the tip of the seedling can stand upright.

The next way to replant succulents is to close the hole and keep the succulents standing upright. Do not water the plant after the planting process is complete, this will cause the succulent to rot and die.

Tips for Caring for Succulents

After you finish planting succulents, the next step is to take care of the plants so they can live fertile. The following are some tips that you can do to care for succulents that have been planted, including:

Caring for Succulents Based on Color

It turns out that caring for succulents can be done by looking at the color. For purple or red succulents, it tends not to tolerate a humidor cool environment. It’s a good idea to place succulents of this color outdoors so they can grow well.

A bright green succulent plant is different, you can keep it indoors, as it tolerates dim sunlight and cooler air. Therefore, you can make it a decoration in the room.

Although placed indoors, you still have to provide adequate sunlight intake. You do this by placing the plant near a window or door, so that sunlight can hit it. This method is quite important for those of you who know how to replant succulents.

Succulent Environmental Condition

The environment in which succulents live also needs to be considered, for example by not placing them in an air-conditioned room, because it will make it easier to die. But if you have air conditioning in your room and want to grow succulents, there are a few tricks you can do, namely:

  • Use a pot of clay or cement, then choose a black one.
  • Place the pot near an area that gets daily sun.
  • Use glass tiles if necessary, so that the plants are still exposed to sunlight.
  • Place the stones in the pot, so they can absorb heat from the sun and keep the succulents warm.
  • If it’s the rainy season, make sure you keep the succulent exposed to sunlight, at least 3-5 hours per day.
  • For watering succulents, you should only use spray, not splashing or dousing them with water. This will make the plant rot and die quickly, so make sure you use a special succulent spray to water and care for it.

That’s the information related to how to replant succulents properly, hopefully, this information can help you, especially those who like succulent plants and want to take care of them yourself.


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