how to stop woodpeckers

How To Stop Woodpeckers? Here’s How You Can Do It – Birds are one of the animals that are quite active by flying using their wings. The wings they have can be used to move places quite quickly. It can even be said that the wings are one of the characteristics of this animal.

There are also other special characteristics of various types of birds, namely in the form of a slightly pointed beak or mouth and some are quite long. Some of them use their beaks to find food or make holes in objects around them. This is what woodpeckers or often known as woodpeckers do.

How to Stop Woodpeckers From Pecking on Your House

This one animal is famous for its unique activity, namely using its beak to punch holes in the surface of objects, especially wood by pecking. Most of its existence is quite disturbing, especially for the home environment. So don’t be surprised if many people want to know how to stop woodpeckers.

In fact, not only on wooden surfaces, but this one animal also often lands on metal surfaces and pipes so that the pecking sound will be very noisy. Its long beak is capable of perforating every surface of the main object made of wood. It will then search for food on the surface of the object using its long, thorny tongue.

To prevent damage to the exterior or other surfaces of the house determine and this woodpecker needs to be prevented or eradicated in an appropriate manner. How to eradicate woodpeckers that you can do will be explained as follows.

Find the Reasons for Woodpeckers to Nest

how to stop woodpeckers from pecking house

This bird will also make holes in the surface of objects around you to find a partner. That means there is a nest or population of the same bird species around the place so that other birds also nest in this place in order to find a partner.

If the reasons and causes for this woodpecker nesting somewhere already exist, make sure that the next time you can eliminate the cause. The goal is none other than this bird does not stand still or even make a nest in that place. The first thing to solve the question of how to stop woodpeckers is of course to find and eliminate the cause.

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Change Food Source

The existence of a food source in a place is the main reason why this type of bird makes a nest in that place. Generally, these birds will eat various types of insects or caterpillars. If there is a population of insects and the like around where you live, it’s no wonder this woodpecker can land in that place.

For example, around where you live there are ant nests and even beehives, so the woodpecker will use it as a food source. If the source of food is good enough in the place, this bird will automatically stay longer. The way they search for food by punching holes in the wood surface is certainly quite worrying for you.

How to eradicate woodpeckers in this case can be by eliminating or changing food sources that are in a place. If there are ant nests or bee nests around your residence and woodpeckers have started to disturb your surroundings, then immediately move the insect nests.

If the nests of these insects are also quite disturbing, it doesn’t hurt you to also eradicate and eliminate their nests. That way the woodpecker will not feel at home for long in that place due to a lack of food sources. Keep in mind that if you want to be moved, choose a place far from settlements or an environment full of trees and wood so it doesn’t become a bird’s nest which will certainly be damaged.

Use Animal Fat

how to stop woodpeckers from pecking my house

How to stop woodpeckers seems to be answered by using this one solution. You can use animal fat, especially fat from cows to repel this one bird. At first glance, this sounds quite strange but in fact, the fat is very liked by woodpeckers.

Fat from this cow can be used as a feed that you can get through pet stores. You can hang them above the ground so they don’t get eaten by other animals. Then place it this week in an area that birds often peck on until they eat the fat in this area.

Then you can move the fat away from around the house gradually. For the initial stage, move the fat a few meters from the original area and so on until you get a location far enough from the house and suitable for this type of bird.

Over time, woodpeckers will get used to eating fat instead of wood surfaces around your house. Make sure you don’t use this fat in hot weather as it can damage the bird’s wings. To solve this how to stop the woodpeckers problem you need to be careful not to actually kill them.

Planting a Berry Tree or Shrub

how to stop woodpeckers from pecking on house

Not many know that woodpeckers really like sweet fruits. To outsmart you can use a type of plant from berry fruit that has a sweet taste and plant it away from the area of ​​​​the house. Later this bird will eat the sweet fruit that comes from the tree and no longer damage the house.

You can do it the same way as the previous method, namely by planting gradually and moving around. This can make a beautiful woodpecker slowly from around your house.

Using Special Tools

You can use a net to stop the bird from re-entering the area of ​​the house. So that this tool can work more optimally then install it a little thicker so that it is difficult to damage or penetrate. If necessary, add reflective tape to keep the bird trapped and unable to pass through the area of ​​the house.

From some of the explanations above you can certainly conclude what way to eradicate or repel woodpeckers that often damage the surface of the house. You can answer the question of how to stop woodpeckers and can be solved well without killing it directly.


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