how to tell when carrots are ready to harvest

How to Tell When Carrots Are Ready to Harvest – It seems that many of you are familiar with a vegetable called carrots. Vegetables that have a characteristic elongated tuber shape with an orange color include vegetables that are very healthy and are also favored by a number of people.

Carrots are one type of vegetable that has a high enough vitamin A content, so it is often used as food to meet daily vitamin needs. In addition to being nutritious, this vegetable also has a taste that is quite delicious so that it can be eaten directly without having to undergo processing first.

Carrot Vegetable Planting Process

In general, carrots are relatively easy to cultivate. These vegetables can even be planted in the home garden, either directly planted in the ground or planted using planting media such as pots or others.

In order to grow carrots properly, make sure you provide loose soil with sufficient nutrients at the time of seeding carrot seeds. Thus, your potential to be able to harvest carrots will be even greater later.

Before discussing how to tell when carrots are ready to harvest, knowing basic information related to the carrot planting process is very important. Because by knowing the characteristics of the carrots you plant, you will be able to predict the signs and the right time to harvest the carrots.

how to tell when carrots are ready for harvest

In general, carrots will be harvested within 60-80 days after planting. The difference in harvest time depends on the type and variety of carrots you plant. Because there are several types of carrots that can be harvested at the age of 60 days after planting and some take longer.

When you plant carrots in rather large quantities and at the same time of sowing seeds, then generally the carrots will be old and ready to be harvested at the same time. However, you do not need to directly harvest the carrots at the same time. Because leaving carrots in the ground can be the most appropriate way to store carrots so that they last longer before consumption.

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Ideal Place for Growing Carrots

Carrots will grow very well in areas that tend to be cold or in highlands. Therefore, if you are abroad, planting carrots around early spring will allow you to harvest carrots in early summer.

For those of you who live in tropical climates, planting carrots in the highlands is the best choice you can do because carrots will not be too resistant to too hot weather and prolonged exposure to sunlight every day.

Carrot plants are very easy to grow as long as the seeds you use are of good quality. To grow carrots from seeds, you can make beds in the ground and then plant about 15 carrot seeds for every 30 cm of spacing.

Before knowing about how to tell when carrots are ready to harvest, make sure you also know about the time when carrots grow from seedlings. Carrots are a type of plant that takes a relatively long time to germinate. On average it can take between 2-3 weeks for the carrots you sow to show life.

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When the carrots you plant has started to grow, make sure that you provide adequate watering and care on a regular basis. If the carrot plants are too tight due to the development of each seed, you can space the plants apart by pulling out a few carrot plants from the planting area.

After knowing the planting process and the ideal place to plant carrots, now is the time for you to find out how to tell when carrots are ready to harvest. The following are some signs that can be used as a sign that the carrots you plant are ready to be harvested.

Already Entering the Age of 60-80 Days After Planting
One sign that is relatively easy to determine when carrots will be harvested is to pay attention to the age of the plant. In general, carrot plants can be harvested at the age of 60-80 days after planting. Some varieties even take up to 100 days after planting to harvest.

If your carrot plant has reached that age range, it’s a good idea to start checking the carrots you’ve planted. You can just remove one or more carrot plants as a sample to check whether the plants can be harvested or not.

Carrot Root Diameter Can Reach to 1 Inch

The next way that can be used to assess whether carrot plants can be harvested or not is to look at the diameter of the roots owned by the plant. When the carrot plant is ready to be harvested, the diameter of the root-owned by the carrot can reach a size between an inch to 1 inch so that the root part of the carrot looks quite enlarged.

Carrots Are Fully Orange

how can i tell when nantes carrots are ready to harvest

The next thing you need to know if you want to determine the right time to harvest carrots is when the carrots are fully orange. When you want to check the condition of the carrots, you can pull out some carrot plants to see the color vibrations on the plants.

Because carrots grow old at almost the same time in one harvest area (as long as the planting time is not much different) then this can be used to check the carrots you plant. If the carrot sample you take meets the requirements to be harvested, in general, the carrot plants you plant will be harvestable.

That’s the discussion about how to tell when carrots are ready to harvest that you need to know. Armed with these reviews, now you can find out about how to determine the right time to harvest carrots. It’s best to avoid harvesting carrots beyond the age limit because it can make the carrot tubers become woody and hard.


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