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Ants are amazing in their own right but what do ants eat? It is a common thing many people think about. Ant is an animal that can work in a hierarchy. They are consist of the queen, reproductive, and workers.

All accomplishing their vital individual tasks to the survival of the ant colony. They also execute important environmental tasks. They play a role and contribute to the soil fertilization in which they tunnel. They assist in the decomposition process of organic matter.

When they are outside, they can be pests. But they become even more dangerous when invading your house. It is difficult to keep them out. But you can do that when armed with insight.

What Are Ants, And What Do Ants Eat?

What Are Ants, And What Do Ants Eat?

Ants came from the family Formicidae. They are eusocial insects and include to the order Hymenoptera along with bees and wasps. Ants appear in considerable diversity across the globe in the fossil record during the early late Cretaceous and latest early Cretaceous.

It was suggesting an even earlier origin. They evolved from the ancestor of vespoid wasps in the Cretaceous period. After the appearance of flowering plants, they diversified. The estimation of the total species is 22,000 and has been classified.

Do ants eat meat? They are omnivorous. However, there may be various dietary preferences for them according to the species. Some prefer meat and protein while others choose a sugar-based diet.

Meat-eating ants will actively hunt prey to get their meat. But some ants eat animals in a passive approach and eat the carcasses of other animals. Regardless of the species, they will eat whatever is available. It is good to keep foods away from them and store them in a safe place.

Leaving food on the floor, spillage, or in the open room, will easily attract all kinds of ants. If they find a source of food in your house, there will be a line of ants from the nest.  What do ants eat? They can be sensitive to food and find a place you forgot to clean.

However, this is a great chance to find their nest and overcome it directly. Spreading food-quality diatomaceous earth in their nest can be a great way to deal with ants. This will prevent them to get out of their nest.

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Things That Attract Ants to Enter Your House

Things That Attract Ants to Enter Your House

Is your house terrorized by an ant colony? The best option to figure it out is by preventing them from appearing. The following things can attract ants even though they are not what do ants eat.

1. Leaking Pipes

Leaking Pipes

Ants need an available water source to build colonies and nests. If your area is in the summer season or dry seasonal conditions, they can enter your home to search for water. According to a study by Stanford University, ants’ invasions occurred in two seasons.

Winter rainstorms and summer droughts. This is in their effort to find what do ants eat. Finding ants under kitchen sinks and the bathroom is not uncommon. Check water fitting such as the pipes in your house to know if there are any leaks. Fix them to stop the formation of puddles.

2. Nesting Space

Nesting Space

Ants’ nests are not just underground. Certain areas are also suitable for them such as inside foundation walls and behind the baseboard to store what do ants eat. It is unlikely to easily identify the entry points of ants.

However, it is essential to close their way by covering the space up as you can. Trace your home’s exterior and cover every crack, crevice, and gap using caulk.

3. Trees and Plants as Bridges

Trees and Plants as Bridges

Are there a lot of trees and plants around your house? They are a perfect way for ants to get into your house. Try to widen the space between your exterior wall and the plants.

The Other Things That Attract Ants

what do carpenter ants eat

Naturally, ants are opportunistic. Do ants eat everything? They are sure to come back to your house once they find the things they need. This is despite they have a sufficient source of water and food.

Borak is a kind of naturally occurring mineral. It is used in products for house cleaning purposes. The good news is that you can also use it to make ant killer bait.

Mix sugar (half a cup), hot water (1 cup), and borax (2 tablespoons). Grab some cotton balls and soak them in the solution. Place on small foil.

Problem Solving with Ants

what do fire ants eat

Having traces of ants in the home is never good. Especially if it is in the kitchen area. Related to the question: what do ants eat? They never enter your home for random reasons.

1. Clear All Open Sources of Food

what do ants like to eat

Getting rid of ants can be done by this first step. Keep your house clean every time. Clean the floor using a vacuum cleaner as your daily life depends on it. Use tightly sealed containers to store away leftover foods.

2. Use Cinnamon to Block Ant’s Roads

Use Cinnamon to Block Ant’s Roads

If you see ants in house, try this tip. Block their path by using cinnamon powder. The strong scent resulting from cinnamon can be used to deter the ants. This will not kill the ants. However, you can relieve temporary stress when you find out what attracts ants in the house.

3. Using White Vinegar

Using White Vinegar

Getting Rid of Ants With Vinegar: Does it Really Work?  Definitely, they hate white vinegar. This is a great repellent for ants. Mix water and vinegar in a bottle in equal parts and shake well.

To add a little sensation, add essential oil in a few drops as well. This can be a natural killer for fire ants. Sprinkle it in areas such as window sills, doors, or any cracks in the wall. Do this once a day to keep the scent strong.

Using a DIY control type to deal with ants is the great option. After holding the insight about what do ants eat, keeping your house and your family safe from the invasion of ants.


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