what does a bat bite look like

When it is the first time, maybe you will not know what does a bat bite look like. Bats have an important role in maintaining human life and ecosystems. Bats disperse seeds from hardwood and fruit trees.

Bats also play an important role in maintaining our survival and our ecosystem by dispersing pollen from flowering plants. Bats are also known to be virus-carrying animals and their populations are scattered in various regions of the world.

Currently, the theory is also developing that bats are also intermediate hosts of several coronaviruses, including SARS and SARS-CoV-2 which cause the Covid-19 disease. So, you could say bats are animals that are quite dangerous for humans.

But there are times when contact between humans and bats is unavoidable. For example, if there is a bat nest in a tree near your house. Even more dangerous if you get a bat bite. For that maybe you should know what does a bat bite look like.

What Does a Bat Bite Look Like and How to Handle It

what does a bat bite look like on a human

If you get bat attacks and bites, the first thing to do is see a doctor. Seek medical help, including a rabies vaccination. Even if you are not bitten or scratched, if you see any signs of pain, see a doctor immediately.

Tell your doctor that you have been exposed to bats. Make sure you explain clearly how you came into contact with the bat so that your doctor can take appropriate action to treat you. Bat bite is dangerous.

Bats often live and nest in trees around your house. When animals on farms eat or rest under trees inhabited by bats, bat urine and feces can fall onto the bodies of the animals and their food.

This can make them sick. If you have pets, it’s a good idea to find the best way to ensure that your animals eat and sleep under trees where there are no bats. So keep your house clean and steady.

Avoiding to Know What Does a Bat Bite Look Like By Avoiding the Nest

bat nest

Some types of bats eat fruits such as mango or guava. Fruit dropped by a bat on the ground may have been contaminated with its saliva, so eating the fruit could make people or animals sick.You need to avoid fruit marked by bat bites.

Avoiding contact with bats, food, or other objects that have been touched by bats is important to remember to prevent disease transmission. For that, it is very important for you to avoid the possibility of bats nesting around your house.

Bats tend to prefer fruits that are ripe. So, harvesting fruits on time can reduce the chances of some fruits being bitten by the bats first. It can also reduce the number of bats that forage in the trees in your home.

Don’t Eat Bat Bite Fruit, Then No Need to Know what does a Bat Bite Look Like

Bat Bite Fruit

The public is reminded not to eat fruit that has animal bite marks on it. Bat bites are very dangerous. They can transmit various diseases. Bats can transmit disease by transmitting viruses. Bat bites can transmit zoonotic viruses.

Zoonoses are a type of disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans, either through direct animal bites or bite marks from animals infected with the virus. You need to know what does a bat bite look like.

For that, you are advised not to eat fruit carelessly, because the main transmission of the virus is from bats and pigs. You also have to maintain thorough cleanliness, starting from yourself, food, home, and the environment.

An epidemiologist said that the sanitation and hygiene of the environment must be maintained properly by farmers, especially pig farming. This is intended to anticipate the possibility of bat spreads various diseases in our neighbors.

Zoonotic diseases, diseases originating from animals, are still a problem in Indonesia. One of them is the bat. The Ministry of Health said that viruses and diseases originating from bats have the potential to become a dangerous global health problem.

Various Diseases That Can Be Transmitted By Bats

Various Diseases That Can Be Transmitted By Bats

There are several diseases caused by what does a bat bite look like. This is because diseases originating from bats are relatively new and have emerged in the last 50 years. Most of the diseases transmitted by bats are known to be very dangerous.

Nipah Virus

Nipah virus is a virus that can be transmitted by fruit-eating bats. Thus you will know what does a bat bite look like. Nipah virus transmission from bats can occur in two ways. First, bats transmit the virus to pig farms through their droppings.

Pigs and other farm animals infected with the disease end up being eaten by humans, which causes disease. Second, direct contact between bats and humans. People who live near bat nests are very at risk of developing this disease.

Hendra Virus

The Hendra virus is in the same family as the Nipah virus, which is transmitted by bats. The difference is that it is susceptible to infecting humans with horses. Bat droppings mixed with horse food put humans who have direct contact with horses at risk of being infected.


Rabies is also transmitted through bats, not only dogs. Bats infected with the rabies virus can also transmit it to humans. Rabies is transmitted when humans are bitten, scratched, or exposed to saliva from infected bats.

The mortality rate in cases of rabies by bats is high. Worse yet, there is no treatment for the rabies vaccine as has been given to dogs. Of course, no one wants to see what does a bat bite look like.

Marburg Virus

Another dangerous virus transmitted by bats is the Marburg virus. It is called dangerous because the Marburg virus is categorized by WHO as a Risk Group 4 Pathogen that requires maximum biosafety handling.

Exposure to saliva and bat bites can transmit the Marburg virus to humans. Worse, infected humans can transmit it to other humans by sexual intercourse or exposure to wounds.

The Marburg virus can be life-threatening because it causes fever, joint pain, and bleeding. That’s a row of dangerous diseases that can be transmitted by bats. It is very important to know what does a bat bite look like.


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