Dogs are friendly animals but some people may wonder why does my dog smell like fish? There are several things you need to know for your dog’s health and treatment so that they can stay healthy. Dogs are pet-loving nature. They are excellent friends for human beings.

That is why they are among expensive animals because of their very nature. They love to play and make their owner a little bit difficult to take care of them. Be careful, if you are ignoring to take care of them properly, they will end up with some problem.Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish

The Smell Like Fish of the Dog

Washing and showering the dog will not be a problem. But the animal may begin to smell weird from time to time because of their body itself.

This is indicating that there is a problem and you have to know exactly what your dog is going through. For example, if there is a strong odor and the fur is matted, it may be a sign of fleas on the fur.

It can be caused by a wound on the dog’s skin that is not being treated properly. “My dog smells fishy” can also come from the dog itself. Literally, it might start to have a fishy smell.

Mostly this occurs due to the pet experiencing something that should not be happening. But in some cases, it may happen because of a health issue.

There are several reasons. According to a well-known veterinarian, a yeast infection in the dog’s ears can cause “my dog smell like fish”. The infection can also be in their skin or their feet that leads to problems.

Another serious problem is that the dog is unable to express its anal glands. So, the first step you need to do is finding the source of the problem.

Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish? Check the Puppies

Examining the pup with a complete examination is the first action that must be taken. Take a look from the dog entirely from the tip of its tail to tip of its nose.

Begin with smelling its face and ears. In some cases, the dog smells bad come from eye discharge. In addition, the same odor can also be produced by yeast in the ear.

So, patiently eliminates them one by one. After that, look at its paw, if there are any brown stains (resulting from licking), you need to treat it for yeast infection in its feet.

Finally, lift its tail then see any indication of redness or swelling. If there is any discharge around the anal cavity, there might be a serious problem with the dogs’ anal glands.

Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish? The Animal Glands

Dogs are communicating with other animals by expressing their anal glands. Most dogs do not need to worry in this case, and no need to manually empty their anal sacs.

However, they need to be emptied manually if there is a problem with “why does my dog smell like fish”. Its diet is among the reasons why its anal sacs must be emptied manually.

If the stool of the dog is firm and large, the anal sacs will naturally release the liquid. However, a small or soft stool will not have the same effect. If this continues, the sac will fill up and finally, there will be such a kind of discharge. The stool can be extremely firm in some cases.

This is the primary reason and issue of why does my dog smell like fish? When your dog starts to drag its bottom to the floor, it indicates that the dog is suffering from a health issue.

If that is the case, the best option is to go to a vet and seek advice. Surely you can empty its anal glands manually but this is not as easy as you imagine. Your dog needs treatment from a vet.

If there is a need to do any medical intervention due to a certain infection, the vet will tell you. You will know what best action should be taken to figure it out.

Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fish? A Yeast Infection

The place for yeast growth is in dark and warm places. This is why most dogs are infected by yeast in their pads, toes, near the vulva, behind the ears, near the eyes, and between the rear legs.

If you sense the dog smells from any of these areas, you need to immediately consider going to the vet. The vet will recommend you to do the appropriate treatment to clear the infection.

The infection can be very bothersome for the animal. It even can lead to a problem with the dog’s comfort. Try to apply the ointment as suggested by the vet.

One of the options to avoid such a problem is by giving your pet the right food. For example, you have to make sure that you give fiber in the right amount for your dog as the appropriate diet.

Depending on the sizes and age, there can be various fiber requirements so you have to be careful with this. Do not forget to keep checking its stool and make sure that it is well-formed.

In addition, make sure that the dog gets a sufficient amount of clean and freshwater at all times. This is the most important and greatly contributes to your dog’s health.

Treat a Wound Dog

Proper cleaning of the wounded dog can help to prevent infections and help the healing process and avoid why does my dog smell like fish. This is a simple tip to treat your dog if it is injured.

1. Calm Down the Dog

Calm the dog down if it is gets too excited. Gently petting it and talking to it in a calm, low voice. If necessary, dog muzzle for your safety.

2. Treat Any Bleeding

Pressure the wound directly using an absorbent and clean material. You can use a gauze, a sanitary napkin, a towel, or a shirt.

This should be the last option in controlling bleeding. Call a vet if you hesitate to do this by yourself. It will be safer and better. Whatever problem with your dogs, always overcome it immediately. After knowing why does my dog smell like fish, give them better treatment.


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